You Asked, We Listened πŸ‘‚

Every update we make to Flipgrid is sparked from ideas shared by the amazing and innovative educators in the #FlipgridFever community. We built…

🎟 Guest Mode because you wanted an easy way to bring families into Flipgrid.

πŸ•Ί Disco Library because you wanted to share and explore amazing Flipgrid Topics.

✈️ CoPilots because you wanted to collaborate with peers, connect with #GridPals, and co-manage your Grids and Topics.

We are always listening. We recently announced SEVEN updates based on your amazing ideas and feedback!

GoogleClassroom (1).jpg

1. Share to Google Classroom

Back by popular demand, now it is easier than ever to share your Flipgrid Topic to Google Classroom!


2. Family Share QR Codes

QR Codes are the perfect way to share #StudentVoice off the Grid! Print a video’s unique QR code from your Educator Dashboard and attach to a paper, project, or campus display! In addition to enjoying your students’ work, your audience can scan the QR code to see and hear the voice behind the masterpiece.


3. Skype Join Link in Flipgrid Profile

You wanted an easy way to connect with #GridPals. Now it's as simple as sending them a message on Skype!


4. Faster Flipgrid

No two classrooms are alike, which means that no two classrooms use Flipgrid in the exact same way! Whether your students use Chromebooks, PCs, iPads, or personal devices, we've made everything in Flipgrid (videos, Topic images, GIFs, etc) load twice as fast!


5. My Discovery Library

Find a new GridPal? Now you can see all the Discovery Library Topics they have created!


6. 45 second video length

There are thousands of educators that use Flipgrid to empower and engage their English Language Learners. Several of you asked us to add a 45 second video length, as it would help your students practice for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). You got it!


7. Edit Display Name

Incorrect or undesired display name attached to your Flipgrid response? Now you can update it!


Thank you for all your ideas, your feedback, and your inspiration! We are so grateful for the #FlipgridFever community and we will always work to make Flipgrid better!