Make Memories with the #FlipgridYearbook Challenge ๐Ÿ“–


Capture all the buzz, excitement, and magic throughout the school year by kicking off your school-wide #FlipgridYearbook TODAY!

Every day from August 13th to 31st weโ€™re awarding one lucky school a #FlipgridVoicePod for your students! Hereโ€™s how to enterโ€ฆ

๐Ÿ’š Create your #FlipgridYearbook by setting up a school-wide Grid as a space for Topics throughout the year. When setting up your Grid, choose the "My School" option then add your email domain so that all students can participate. Share with your principal and colleagues to brainstorm ideas and get your Grid rocking! Check out the Springville School example from #StudentVoice Rockstar Priscilla Heredia below!

๐Ÿค— Start simple with a Topic that will be fun for all students. For inspiration check out Jornea's latest #GridTip. More ideas:

  • Student + teacher intros
  • School news
  • Guest speakers
  • Semester goals
  • School events
  • Art exhibits

๐Ÿ“ฃ Share your Grid at back-to-school events, through newsletters, in take-home-slips, or on the first day!

โ›บ๏ธ Enter to win a #FlipgridVoicePod by tweeting your project! Share a screenshot of your Grid along with your best Topic ideas! Be sure to use the hashtags #FlipgridFever and #FlipgridYearbook when tweeting and tag your school or district profiles! 

Every day from August 13th to 31st our Education Innovators (Jornea, Jess, and Ann) will select one lucky school to pop up a #FlipgridVoicePod on your campus! Give us a shout with any questions. Have fun making memories!