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September 2019 Newsletter

Whether you are returning from summer break, winter break, or just the weekend, welcome back! Last week we celebrated the first day of school at Flipgrid Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have loved seeing the innovative ways you’re welcoming students with community-building activities, staff introductions, and family involvement from day one.

If this is your first Flipgrid newsletter, hello! My name is Adam (@AdamShortShorts on Twitter) and I work alongside Jornea, Jess, Ann, George, and Joey on the Flipgrid Engagement team. We’re always here to support YOU! In this monthly newsletter - the “Shorts Report” - I’ve curated our latest updates and opportunities. Read on to learn more about the Disco Library, our first Flipgrid Virtual Field Trip, the new Wakelet Shorts integration, and more!


The Disco Library (available in your Flipgrid Educator Admin) is filled with 9,000+ launch-ready Topics as well as subject-specific playlists from your educator peers, our Educator Innovation Leads, and partners like and Wonderopolis. Explore today to discover…

  • #FlipgridWeeklyHits: Trending Topics, refreshed every week!

  • My Favs: Save the best Topics you discover so you can use them with your students later! In addition to saving for yourself, you can also share your collection. Check out Jess’ My Favs Playlist of fun Topics to use when introducing Flipgrid to your scholars.

  • Weekly Selects: Hand-selected Topics from Jornea, Jess, and Ann (your Educator Innovation Leads)!

  • Made for Me: Trending Topics tailored to your specific age and subject.

  • Partner Playlists: Explore subject-specific playlists of Topics from, Wonderopolis, HackingSTEM and more!

Find your next Topic in the Disco Library!

Join us with your scholars on a virtual field trip to Flipgrid Studios! During the half hour session our team will broadcast live from our office as we discuss coding, entrepreneurship, social media, and #StudentVoice!

Learn more and register your class!

Record and add videos directly in your Wakelet Collection with Shorts: LIVE now!

Learn more about the brand new integration for you and your fellow educators!

Every day we’re inspired by the transformative and magical ways you #EmpowerEveryVoice! This past month, these #FlipgridFever tweets were particularly inspiring.


Every week Jornea, Jess, or Ann (your Educator Innovation Leads) go live for an overview of everything you need to know to get started with Flipgrid.

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Learn everything you need to know about getting started with Flipgrid and earn your Level 1 Flipgrid Certified Badge with the Microsoft Educator Center course!

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This past June we unveiled #FlipgridAR, which allows you to stick and playback Flipgrid videos in your physical environment! To celebrate, all September long we’re giving away a #FlipgridVoicePod to every educator who completes our #FlipgridAR Challenge:

  1. Click the new Shorts tab in your Educator Admin

  2. Record an intro video for your community (be sure to include some fun emoji, text, or even a photo sticker - visitors to your room will see this!)

  3. Click submit, grab the Flipgrid QR Code, and paste/tape/pin in your school environment

  4. Tweet a picture with the hashtags #FlipgridFever and #FlipgridAR (make sure you’re following @Flipgrid so we can send you a message with how to win the award)

Thank you! We are so grateful we get to work with you and so inspired by the transformative ways you empower and amplify your scholars. Please continue sharing your amazing stories, feedback, and questions with us on Twitter and via email - we’re always excited to chat!