Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Sean Forde 💫

Sean Forde, a K-5 STEAM Innovative Educator, has been rockin' on Flipgrid for over a year. He is a Flipgrid Certified Educator, Flipgrid Ambassador, and has shook the globe by leveraging the power of Flipgrid in creating a series World Read Aloud Grids! In addition to being incredible connector himself, Sean has inspired other educators to reach beyond the classroom walls and collaborate in innovative ways. To Sean, Flipgrid is MAGICAL! 🦄🌈


#WednesdayWisdom from Sean Forde

I enjoy using Flipgrid as a way to break down the walls of the classroom and connect globally. I have two main projects. #WORLDReadAlouds allow a children's book to be brought to life one page at a time by people all around the world. In addition, I use Flipgrid to provide a different form of Flat Stanley reporting. It allows the student or friend to share Stanley's adventures through video instead of pictures.

Using Flipgrid to power World Read Alouds and Flat Stanley projects allows students and educators to learn more about geographic regions, and provides opportunities for cross-curricular learning experiences.  Students are not only excited to see locations from which pages are read, but they can be a part of the story themselves!

Have fun, shoot for the moon, and expect to fail a few times. Some of the best ideas and projects don't happen on the first attempt. Take it, refine it, and make it yours!

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