Meet Flipgrid Rockstar John Bimmerle 💫

John Bimmerle, an Instructional Technology Specialist, has been rockin' out Flipgrid for over a year!  He is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and we are honored that he is a Flipgrid Ambassador.  John's heart for supporting others lead him to take initiative to organize Flipgrid Live watch parties all around the world during the Flipgrid 8.10 Live event by organizing Global Bash watch party grids. John created his own new word to describe Flipgrid "Simpflexible" to describe the simplicity of flexibility of Flipgrid.




  • Edtechdaily flipcast

  • introductions of presenters for conference sessions

  • weekly announcements for our elementary school

  • birthday greetings for a friend

  • session materials during conference presentations

  • presentation entry

  • exit tickets

  • Global Bash

  • silly videos with my son

  • Thankful videos which kicked off my love for Flipgrid last year.

The impact Flipgrid has is impossible to sum up.  THIS is why I push Flipgrid.  I love the product, but its the COMMUNITY that is so amazing.  I do not feel like I am a Flipgrid Rockstar, there are so many other educators that use it in amazing ways.  But I will add that I am extremely proud to be one of the earlier Ambassadors because I have been able to watch the community grow into what it is today because of the hard work OF the community.  Leaders like Claudio Zavala, Scott Titmas, Joe and Kristin Merrill, Karly Moura, and so many others have been able to connect, grow, and truly have fun BECAUSE of Flipgrid.  Those people are all amazing educators, but Flipgrid helps foster the continued collaboration.  The Flipgrid community is magic in a bottle.  Hats off to Joey and his hard work on helping to engage our community!

If you are not already involved in the Flipgrid community on Twitter, GET INVOLVED by following  #FlipgridFever.  Even if you do not use Flipgrid every day, you will be a better educator for joining the community.


Twitter: @J_Bimmerle
Shared Grids: