Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Michael Drezek πŸ’«

Michael, a Technology Integrator/ TOSA for Lakeshore CSD has been rockin' with Flipgrid since May 2016!  He is one of the most compassionate educators committed to helping students develop global empathy through connections.  He is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Student Voice Ambassador who has teamed up to moderate Our Global Classroom,  connecting thousands of students around the world! πŸŒπŸš€ 
Michael is a true inspiration and the one word he uses to describe Flipgrid is EMPOWERING!

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#WednesdayWisdom from Michael

πŸ’‘- for students to pitch genius hour ideas.
🌍- to cultivate connections based learning opportunities and global education experiences through a STEM Hub as well as with Flipgrid Explorer series.
πŸ–₯- to build a virtual tour of our High School by embedding teacher introductions and videos into a 360 photosphere.
πŸ—£- to learn with other educators for professional learning in a video chat format (#ditchbook, #vedchat)
πŸ•- for students to share their learning from a student edcamp.
πŸ“•- for World Read Alouds (Malala's Magic Pencil)
πŸ“£- for teachers to give shout outs to colleagues during a district edcamp.
πŸ€—- to raise awareness of global goals through Our Global Classroom #WhatIf Grid
🀝- to meet students from other classrooms as part of global projects such as Buncee Buddies, Empatico, Awesome Squiggles Art Project, Transpacific Learning Hup (PYP Connected)
πŸ’»- to deliver webinars involving appsmashing to other educators
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ- to host student video showcase for creating historical movie trailers on the Civil War and Reconstruction
πŸ’•- to connect to our teacher retirees to deliver inspirational messages to new teachers
πŸ™- to send a video thank you to class guests
πŸ†- to have students participate in STEM Olympics and Digital Learning Day from home, when they were on Mid-Winter recess  

Flipgrid has opened up our classroom to each other and the world. It creates a safe space to share our thoughts, ideas, questions and curiosities. It also has brought a great deal of fun. Due to the ability to appsmash with so many other tools such as Chatterpix or Adobe Spark, it empowers students to get creative and empowers the shy students to share. It has opened up our minds but more importantly our hearts as we connect and learn with each other and the world. Since Flipgrid is so simple to use for both students and educators, we can maximize our time spent amplifying voice! The impact is evident and likely reaches beyond what we are even able to see. Thank you, Flipgrid!

Explore the Discovery Library and hashtag #FlipgridFever to get ideas from the users. It is guaranteed to spark an idea that will work in your classroom. Also, take time to reply to students through a response or feedback. People thrive on connections and communication, with each other and with the important adults in their life. This is your chance to #BeTheOne! Have fun with the stickers and selfies. We teach the selfie generation and meeting them in this way through Flipgrid gets everyone on the same level. Also, always be willing to discover something new with Flipgrid. It keeps getting better all the time!

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Twitter: @m_drez
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