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Happy #TeacherAppreciation MONTH! All month we are thanking and celebrating YOU and the amazing ways you empower and amplify learners around the world. Keep reading for all the Teacher Appreciation Month details, including our new VoicePod Challenge!


In honor of #TeacherAppreciation MONTH, weโ€™re awarding five educators a new #FlipgridVoicePod EVERY. DAY. All you have to do is say โ€œthanksโ€ or share a great idea! Find out how to win!

From Flipgrid Studios to Toronto, Canada, with ten inspiring stops along the way: join us on the Heartland #FlipgridBusTour!

Join us at FlipgridLIVE, June 24, 2019 in Philadelphia
Weโ€™re always working to make Flipgrid simpler, more powerful, more inclusive, and of course more fun. Every week our developers push out updates - sometimes big, sometimes small - to improve the Flipgrid experience for you and your students. Once a year, we celebrate you and release our biggest updates and new features andโ€ฆ youโ€™ll have to join us to find out!

Tweedilly Tweedilly Tweet
Chirping with excitement, sharing family trees, and soaring into assessments, hereโ€™s a handful of incredible Tweets from the #FlipgridFever community this past month!

As we gear up for FlipgridLIVE, our developers have snuck out a few updates this Spring! See whatโ€™s new!

Educator Innovation Satellite
Jornea, Jess, and Ann are your three Educator Innovation Leads! The trio are constantly sourcing and sharing innovative ideas from and for you and your fellow Flipgrid educators. Check out their latest posts below and navigate to the Educator Innovation Station for even more inspiration.

Set forth, full STEAM ahead! Jess has packed together a series of ideas for how you can curate lessons that foster collaboration, elicit feedback, promote design thinking, stimulate investigation, and showcase learning!

Engage your 8 to 10 year old scholars with these tips, tricks, and best practices, curated by Ann from your fellow innovative and inspiring #FlipgridFever educators!

Wrap up the semester with memories, challenges, messages, and more: Jornea has put together a collection of thirteen savvy reflection ideas (each with a launch-ready Flipgrid Disco Library Topic)!

We are so grateful to work with you and we are so inspired by the innovative ways you empower and amplify your students. Please continue sharing your amazing ideas, feedback, and questions with us on Twitter and via email - we love chatting!

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