Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Malinda Hurt 💫

Malinda Hurt, a 7th grade English teacher, has had #FlipgridFever 🔥🔥🔥  since May of 2016.  She is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Flipgrid Ambassador who always inspires team Flipgrid to think of ways to best meet the needs of students.  Malinda strives to support her students as global learners by connecting them with students around the world using Flipgrid.  Malinda's one word for Flipgrid is also how we describe Malinda, "innovative."  Be sure to check out her global grid in which she uses the "spark"⚡️ feature to highlight a student response as it's own topic 🙌.



We use Flipgrid for a multitude of learning activities in the classroom. I began using Flipgrid to offer a more relevant way for students to articulate their thoughts before writing. It helped free up some areas that were previously clouded with fear and stress due to writers block. From there is spread like fire. My past students shared funny pet peeves of mine with my group this year. A fun way to connect, feel community, and get the year started. We use Flipgrid to reflect on personal and academic goals, the writing process, and even why or how they revised their work.  Students also use Flipgrid in the classroom to share skits teaching their peers about content or new vocabulary words. The new Ideas feature has transformed what a student-led unit looks like, along with the spark feature. Flipgrid creates collaborative groups that are not constrained by class period or availability. Student ask for help, offer guidance, share resources and reflect together in these spaces. Students have engaged with a global community; whether jumping in and teaching younger students, or learning from other students on how to integrate new technology. Students have shared their voice through the #whatif grid and have challenged themselves to be active participants in the global community - through Flipgrid.

As well, Flipgrid has completely changed what PD looks like for me. We used it for reflection after an edCamp. I have also connected with educators all over the globe, sharing resources and reflecting on best practice. 

Flipgrid has broken down barriers that previously held us back. Whether that barrier is time, grouping, availability, or even value. My students see that I value their voice, so they too are taking a greater stake in what they say and how they say it. 

Jump in and try it! Follow #FlipgridFever and #TopicThursdays for new ideas. Use it for yourself- my own fears and insecurities were also theirs, it helped to be understanding in the process. Their confidence grew, just as mine has - because I gave them room to take charge of how and for what they used their voice for. 


Twitter: @mrshurtteaches

Global Grids:
mhinform (Informative- Social Networks)
adveng (Advanced English Vocabulary Routine)