💕💫Student Voice Rockstar: Lucretia Anton

The heart of education is a dedicated educator and if you ever meet Lucretia Anton, she will steal your heart with her passion for creating loving environments for both students and teachers. As an Innovation Coach and past Rancho Lab School Teacher, Lucretia has been rockin’ out Flipgrid in her role for two years! She modeled the quest for continuous improvement by blasting off to become a Flipgrid Certified Educator and serves the Flipgrid community as an amazing Student Voice Ambassador for her school, community, and the larger online PLN known as “FlipgridFever.” Lucretia presents frequently at conferences, including Arcadia Unified Innovation Conference, EdTech Teacher Conference, Fall CUE, Spring CUE, and San Gabriel CUE. We were honored as she assisted with the organization and also presented at #StuVoiceCon18. In January of 2018, Lucretia even shared her amazing tips for creating a fun and welcoming environment for professional learning during the Presenting Flipgrid Webinar. She is a true gem!

The one word that comes to mind when Lucretia thinks about Flipgrid is 💥EMPOWERING 💥


#WednesdayWisdom from Lucretia 💕


I love using Flipgrid! It’s simple, engaging, and most of all, versatile. This versatility has really empowered me to let my ideas take form. Much like a kid molding clay into shape after exciting new shape, I’ve been able to “mold” Flipgrid to connect in a variety of ways and across a wide range of ages from preschool students to adults. There is just something magical about using a lively medium like Flipgrid that ignites my creativity, no matter the audience I am working with.

Here are a few ways I have used Flipgrid with TK-Adults:
🗣Preschool-Talk the Illustration
📖Kindergarten Read Aloud Centers
💬Connect to Text Reflection
🎯Student Led Conference Goal Setting
🔎Mystery Numbers
🇺🇸Making History Characters Come to Life
👩‍⚖️Character Education: Developing the Leader in Each Student
🔢Algebra I Videos & Reflections
💭Community Circle Prompts & Reflections
👋Staff Introductions
💕Teacher Appreciation Messages
👨‍🏫QR Code Teacher Welcome Videos for Learning Walks
🤒Get Well Messages
🎂Happy Birthday Messages


Flipgrid has empowered students and adults alike to share their thoughts, fears, joys, and hopes with each other. It has been a catalyst for building relationships and strengthening classroom community. Through Flipgrid, our community of learners has gained a stronger sense of who they are as learners, and learners have embraced taking ownership of their learning. This has led to more meaningful conversations and a much deeper level of problem-solving in the classroom.


My advice to a new Flipgrid user is to have fun, connect with others, and trust in what you believe will be most valuable for your students.

Create a grid titled "These are a Few of Our Favorite Things." In the topic descriptions, ask students about their favorite food, what they love to do outside of school, how they learn best, etc. This will allow you as an educator to simultaneously get to know your students and the Flipgrid platform. It will also allow your students to get to know one another. Building classroom community with Flipgrid allows for students and teachers to take risks, learn from failure, and empathize with each other.

Connect 🌐
The #FlipgridFever family has your back! If you are looking for an idea, someone to bounce an idea off of, or want to build a global, authentic audience for your students, then the Flipgrid community is here to support you! Follow the hashtag #FlipgridFever on Twitter to stay connected to the latest ideas regarding Flipgrid. You can join 5000+ educators connecting with other classrooms by signing up for #GridPals and following the hashtag #GridPals on Twitter. I have never met such an inviting group of educators who are always willing to work together to amplify student and teacher voices.

Trust 🙌
You know what is best for your students and community. Period. Trust in the experiences and the possibilities you can create or “mold” utilizing Flipgrid. Let your ideas and creativity take shape. You’ve got this!

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