Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Lisa Scumpieru 💫

Lisa Scumpieru, a 10th grade English teacher, has been rockin' out Flipgrid for over a year!  She is a Flipgrid Certified Educator & Flipgrid Ambassador who actively supports educators with amazing ideas.  Check out Lisa's International Dot Day blog post - "start with a dot and see where it will take you!" The #oneword Lisa uses to describe Flipgrid is "amplified."


#WednesdayWisdom from Lisa:

I've used Flipgrid in a variety of ways and see Flipgrid as having endless possibilities this year in my classroom.

  • Perfect as an option for the students who cannot get everything down on paper and need processing time.

  • Lesson for tone & mood in a writing and to literally show how it would sound.

  • Create Global Connections including International Dot Day & Earth Day Global

  • Brainstorming for writing a literary analysis

  • Play dough passion and interest introductions

  • Learning students names with visual as they say it on Flipgrid

  • Showcase student progress in a project

  • Enhancing speaking and listening skills - helps them practice, hone, and perfect their own voice that they will use on a daily basis in the community

Many of my students from last year have said that Flipgrid helped them become better speakers and realize how others use their voice to be heard.  🙌

Before you ask students to be on a grid, practice yourself.  Show them your practice and be willing to model how you failed, practiced, and persevered with the app.  Also, talk about your fears that you had and how it helped you to overcome them.  After you are comfortable with the app, come up with a fun question for students to answer and make it less academic at first.  

Twitter:  @LScumpieru

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