💕💫Student Voice Rockstar: Kathi Kersznowski 💫💕

Kathi, a creative and innovative Technology Integration Specialist from Williamstown, NJ, has been rockin’ out Flipgrid for almost 2 years! As a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Student Voice Ambassador, she shares and supports educators around the world in various PLNs, at conferences, and on social media. Her passion for creating engaging learning experiences is out of this world! You may have even heard of Kathi’s FlipHunt idea, which had everyone flippin’. This idea empowered and inspired many educators to create their own #Fliphunt experiences for multiple content areas, grade levels and purposes. Kathi simply describes Flipgrid as ✨M✨A✨G✨I✨C✨A✨L✨


As a Technology Integration Specialist, I am a teacher of teachers. Working in staff development, I get to show other educators the wonders of Flipgrid...it’s possibilities and the magical things that it can do. It works for everyone at every grade level in every subject area, so it’s my job to show a huge variety of uses & just inspire limitless ideas! I have silly fun Grids for teachers to learn Flipgrid and just experience it for the first time. I do in-class demo lessons that are tailored to any teacher’s content and learning objectives. I always direct teachers to the Discovery Library, where they feel supported by a bazillion ideas from the Flipgrid community!
I came up with the idea of a #Fliphunt, which is basically a scavenger hunt using Flipgrid, and it is insanely fun for students - and the teachers who get to watch and evaluate their video responses! I honesty think I come up with new ideas to use Flipgrid every week...I keep finding inspiration all around me!

Flipgrid opens worlds. Our littlest learners can get out BIG thoughts because they are able to respond verbally and with all the vibrant emotion that is captured through live video. Our reluctant writers aren’t reluctant speakers - they’re so much more willing to share their brilliance when they can speak and know that others value their spoken voice. Our shy students don’t find it as difficulty to talk to an iPad or a laptop as they would a whole class - and Flipgrid makes it possible for them to be loud and proud. Many of our students would rather take formative assessments by TALKING about what they know openly rather than filling in bubbles with a #2 pencil, and our best educators are enjoying being able to give students a choice in how they’re assessed. For all these and so many more reasons, Flipgrid opens worlds.

Jump on in! Start with one Grid - one Topic - one idea. Learn to use Flipgrid with your students, and you’ll soon be adding more & more features to your topics. You’ll try a few new tricks, maybe experiment with a rubric, add a few meaningful attachments, and hopefully explore a little app-smashing! Use the Discovery Library to find inspiration, and then please inspire others by leaving your topics there for others to discover. Connect with the vast, enthusiastic Flipgrid community on Twitter or Facebook, or just check out the Flipgrid blog from time to time to see what others are doing. Lastly, let your students inspire you - they will suggest topic ideas, they will find new ways to use Flipgrid, and they will teach you so much...if you just listen.

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