Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Joe Merrill 💫

Joe Merrill, a First Grade Teacher, has been rockin' out Flipgrid since March 2017.  He is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Flipgrid Ambassador.  Joe believes Flipgrid is “versatile.” 


#WednesdayWisdom about Flipgrid from Joe Merrill

We use Flipgrid across the curriculum, but we love #appsmashing it with other apps. My students particularly enjoy using apps like Chatterpix Kids, Book Creator, Halftone 2, Buncee, and more!

Flipgrid has changed dinner conversation from "how was your day? to "how did you do that today?" Parents may contribute, and students love sharing!

Start off with something easy, like an icebreaker. Be sure to model proper digital citizenship, specifically how to respond to others and hold the camera still while recording.

Check out Joe's Flipgrid Rockstar intro: 

Twitter: @MrMerrillsClass
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