💫 Student Voice Rockstar: Jodie Dienhammer

Jodie Deinhammer has fueled imagination, inspiration, and innovation through rockin’ out Flipgrid for almost 4 years! She is an amazing science educator, Flipgrid Certified Educator, and Student Voice Ambassador from Coppell, Texas. Jodie has engaged students from all over the world in discussing science topics within her incredible IMAGINE grid, which has generated over 2700 responses and the World Water Day grid with close to 1200 responses! We had a blast visiting Jodie and the students at Coppell Middle School East during the LoneStar 🤠🚌 #FlipgridBusTour!

Jodie’s one word to describe Flipgrid is “POWERFUL” and we also believe her implementation of Flipgrid has been powerful in amplifying student ideas about science topics.


#WednesdayWisdom from Jodie

collaborate with other classes around the world
🔥 discuss hot topics in science
🔬 share lab data
🤔 reflect on learning
🌍 develop global projects.

Flipgrid allows my classroom to make connections with a global audience. When we work with other schools, students work becomes purposeful and relevant. Connect that with authentic projects that serve a real world purpose, and it gives you a great experience for the classroom.

Use the Flipgrid Disco Library! There are so many great lessons in there that will connect you to other classes and give you ideas to make your classes more engaging. I would also recommend to check out the Explorer Series and the resources created for those.

Learn from Jodie
Engage your students in amazing topics created by Jodie, all found within the Flipgrid Disco Library.

Connect with Jodie
Twitter: @jdeinhammer
Check out Jodie’s Rockstar Video: