January 2019 Newsletter 🦄

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January 2019 Newsletter Flipgrid

Our New Year’s resolution for the 2019 Flipgrid Newsletter is brevity. Read on to explore our new Integration Docs, hear from Flipgrid Founder Dr. Charlie Miller, launch an amazing collection of free STEM activities, and more!


Educator Innovation Leads Jornea, Jess, and Ann created age- and subject-specific docs equipped with Disco Library Topics, ISTE Standards, and powerful resources to help you engage and amplify your learners!

Explore the Flipgrid Integration Docs!

Join Flipgrid Founder Dr. Charlie Miller and the team as we crack the crystal ball and share what's in the works for the year ahead! Charlie and the crew are broadcasting LIVE from London at this year's BETT conference.

Join the party!


We are always making improvements to Flipgrid based on the amazing ideas and feedback from educators in this community. Here are five recent updates!

🌕 Tap the moon in the upper right-hand corner of a Grid or Topic to turn on Night Mode!

✈️ Nicole Rude wanted an easy way to create course template Grids that her educator colleagues could duplicate to their Flipgrid accounts. CoPilots can now Duplicate Grids!

🎧 Families and guests can now Follow your MixTapes to receive an update (daily or weekly) when you add new videos!

🌊 Jen Saarinen wanted to embed Flipgrid Responses into a Wakelet canvas. Now it’s as easy as copy/pasting the Family Share Link!

🔮 When you share the magic of #StudentVoice on Twitter, the video’s selfie and name is now displayed!

With the new year comes new opportunities to engage your learners! Here are 12 ideas from Jess, Jornea, and Ann that will get your students sharing, complete with launch-ready Disco Library Topics!

12 ways to ring in the new year with Flipgrid

Microsoft’s Hacking STEM Activity Library is filled with FREE downloadable, teacher-tested projects and activities that use everyday materials to make STEM affordable, accessible, and fun for everyone.

Explore 5 engaging lessons in the Disco Library!

Heartwarming, creative, music to our ears…

We love seeing the inspiring ways you empower your scholars, foster a connected community, and ignite magic. Here are a few amazing ideas shared by your peers in the #FlipgridFever community last month!

Gen Z extraordinaire Holly Clark has created an amazing, FREE Flipgrid course to help you become a Flipgrid expert!

Mastering Flipgrid in 5 Easy Steps

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Thank you again! We are so grateful to work with you and we are so inspired by the innovative ways you empower and amplify your students. Please continue sharing your amazing ideas, feedback, and questions with us on Twitter and via email - we love chatting!

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