Empower Learners with Immersive Reader in Flipgrid


Within Flipgrid, all students have an equal voice. The quietest students share their thoughts, opinions, reflections, and ideas right next to the students who always raise their hand in class. But for many learners, it is challenging to share their voice when they have trouble reading the discussion prompt.

Enter Immersive Reader

Part of Microsoft’s Learning Tools, Immersive Reader brings powerful, proven techniques to improve reading and writing for learners, regardless of their age or ability. Whether a learner is dyslexic, an early or struggling reader, an ELL student, or simply needs a little assistance, Immersive Reader makes reading and understanding easier.

Today, on World Dyslexia Day, we are proud to announce that Immersive Reader is now built into Flipgrid. Within Flipgrid Topics, Immersive Reader can:

📙Read text aloud

📒Change text size, font, spacing, and color

📕Highlight parts of speech

📗Break words into syllables

📘Provide line focus

📔Improve word understanding with picture dictionary

Bringing Immersive Reader to Flipgrid is one of eight new ways Microsoft is expanding access by making Microsoft tools easier for all learners.

We hope this update helps your students as they share their beautiful voice!