Introducing... Flipgrid CoPilots ✈️


You showed us how much you love connecting your classrooms on Flipgrid, so we made it super easy!

Introducing Flipgrid CoPilots ✈️

CoPilots can share the same Grid to connect classrooms across your school, district, PLN, or the world (check out #GridPals) with BOTH (or multiple!) educators leading the discussion. Amplify your students in new ways and model authentic collaboration across your classrooms!

The rules are simple: Every Flipgrid educator can invite someone (or multiple people!) to CoPilot a Grid. CoPilots can do everything the Grid Owner can do (add Topics, provide feedback, moderate responses, etc) with one exception - CoPilots cannot delete the Grid.

Global bookclubs, school yearbooks, classroom penpals, and more. We can't wait to see the innovative ways that you and your peers take off with Grid Copilots!

Visit your Educator Dashboard to start building your Flight Team!