💫 Student Voice Rockstar: Claudia Daniels

A love for learning and a passion for engaging students is at the heart of every amazing educator. Today’s rockstar radiates this daily in her pursuit for continuous growth and commitment to giving students the best learning opportunities. Student Voice Rockstar Claudia Daniels, a 5th grade teacher from Marietta, Georgia has been rocking out Flipgrid for over a year and a half!

Claudia is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and hosted the kickoff of our very first Student Voice Rally at Davis Elementary School inCobb County Schools in Marietta, Georgia! 🚌💚🎉

Multifaceted” is the first word that comes to Claudia’s mind when she thinks of Flipgrid.


#WednesdayWisdom from Claudia

📝 a place for writers to share their pieces and then receive peer-feedback
🎙 a platform for poets to share
👨‍👧 students share reflective Father’s Day cards
🎯 document quarterly reading goals and monitor our progress as readers
📚 generate school-wide book fair excitement
🐶 a platform for readers to share themselves reading with their pets
🏅 Daniels’ Box, a place for readers to share book recommendations of award-winning titles
🎭 analyze peer performances of Reader's Theater
🔎 connect with experts in various Explorers Series: Brain, Sharks, & Music 

The impact of Flipgrid is matchless!

💥I have quiet students who come alive on Flipgrid and share their thinking in ways that others (teachers, parents and other students) have never seen.
💥Difficult content doesn’t seem as difficult when Ss know Flipgrid will be a part of the learning experience.
💥We had 3 award-winning authors respond to our Flipgrid, either directly on the grid on by way of Twitter after seeing our Book Recommendations.
💥The fact that I can archive the grids for a later date helps me move quicker through expectations because I have several mentor examples.
💥Readers are able to connect and provide recommendations and students can access the grid for content, recommendations or to create.

Just get in and play with Flipgrid, follow #FlipgridFever on Twitter and just do it! “Trust me, the kids will love it and they are cognitively present.” I love helping my colleagues who stop by my room to learn about Flipgrid and often just talk through the process over the phone if my colleagues need me, it’s that simple.
When I share Flipgrid with others, I find it helpful for others to see the setup. I highly recommend the Getting Started Video for anyone new to Flipgrid.

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