Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Stacey Roshan 💫

Stacey Rochan, a technology coordinator, math teacher, and amazing educational blogger has been rockin' out Flipgrid since the very beginning! As a Flipgrid Ambassador and Flipgrid Certified Educator, she has seen the evolution of Flipgrid and is amazed with all of the updates, especially the Flipgrid One access for all!  Stacy is keen on many things edtech, but boasts Flipgrid is "inspirED" and allows people to become inspired!


#Wednesday Wisdom from Stacey Roshan


For student reflections, for students to verbalize their process (in working through math problems), for students to have a private Q&A exchange with me, and to have conversations.


Just open it up and let your imagination soar with the possibilities. Much of the brilliance of Flipgrid lies in how easy it is to use. As the teacher, there are no student accounts to set up. For the student, they can record with a computer or a phone. And there is no sign in required, no uploading or downloading of files; students simply press a green plus sign and start talking to the camera.


Check out Stacey's Flipgrid Rockstar response: