Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Bonnie McClelland πŸ’«

Bonnie McClelland, an Instructional Coach for Digital Learning in Farmingdale, NY has been rockin' out Flipgrid for over a year!  She is an Flipgrid Certified Educator and Flipgrid Ambassador who is a champion of voice and always inspires.  We were all left speechless with her amazing ISTE 2017 IGNITE session "A Gingerbread Man Taught My Kindergarten the 4Cs."  Bonnie currently supports other educators in their quest for innovation while providing the best learning experiences for students.  Bonnie exclaims, Flipgrid is "empowering." 


#WednesdayWisdom from Bonnie

Last year as a kindergarten teacher, my students absolutely loved Flipgrid! I used it in many different subject areas...and lots of times, simply when they asked! It was a way for my students to share book reflections, speak about a topic as a pre-writing thinking routine, connect with their 8th grade buddies from another school, practice their reading, and also to stay in touch over holiday breaks and in the summer!

Now, as an Instructional Coach, I'm thrilled to be able to share it across grades K-12. Some uses I assisted this year include a grid for a high school Italian class debate about different Italian designers, a second grade class readers' theatre to practice expression, recordings of fourth grade STEM experiments and reflections, middle school ENL connections with another school, and back to school night videos for parents.

Through Flipgrid, my students are learning how to express themselves and communicate effectively, a necessary future-ready skill. Today, the teacher is no longer the sole source of information in the classroom! With Flipgrid, students are building their knowledge through the thoughts and ideas of those in their own classroom, and beyond the four walls of the school.

Allow students to play first! Tell them to get silly, record with a buddy, share a funny fact about themselves, laugh a lot, and let them use the selfie stickers to their heart's content. I've found that especially with the older students, they’re worried about self-image when recording. If you allow them time to get goofy while navigating the tool, they're much more comfortable and ready to record at a more serious level when it is time.

Twitter: @BMcClelland24