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From twelve students at the University of Minnesota to Shannon Miller, Joyce Valenza, Kristina Holzweiss, Andy Plemmons, Jen Saarinen and the first class of #StudentVoice Ambassadors, to Karly Moura and Sean Fahey with the Educator's Guide to Flipgrid, Bonnie McClelland with #GridPals, and Kathi Kersznowski with #Fliphunt, to now more than 1,000,000 educators who #EmpowerEveryVoice on Flipgridโ€ฆ

We at Flipgrid Studios are so grateful to work alongside the most supportive, empowering, and giving community - thank you for all you do to amplify #StudentVoice and inspire your peers around the world!



One day. One message. One world record.

On April 24th, 2019, letโ€™s unite and champion the voice of learners everywhere on International #StudentVoiceDay!

Join the global celebration!


Inspire your students with the extraordinary Dr. Jane Goodall! Dr. Goodall will be LIVE on Skype April 2nd and 9th and has put together a collection of Flipgrid activities for you and your students to explore before, during, and after the session!

All monkey business here ๐Ÿ’


Celebrate Robotics Week by discussing the robots of yesterday, today, and tomorrow with Leah LaCrosse and Rich Perry's thought-provoking Robots Explorer Series Topics! Launch these Topics in your classroom Grid or connect your students with their peers around the world by joining Priscilla Heredia's massive #GridPals Explorer Series Grid!

Beep beep booop bop: grab the Topics or sign up for the global #GridPals experience here!


Become a Flipgrid master with this new, comprehensive, totally amazing resource center built by Student Voice Ambassador Christine McKee!

EmTech Flipgrid Resource Center


From PreK to PhD and beyond: Flipgrid can help you amplify the voice of ALL scholars! Ann reached out to six sensational educators and collected their best tips and tricks to help you rock Flipgrid with PreK-2 learners.

Best practices, resources, ideas, and more: #K2CanToo!

Tweet, tweet ๐Ÿฆ
From birthday wishes to leadership reflections, hereโ€™s some of the magical, innovative #FlipgridFever community tweets from the past month!


THANK YOU Linda, Knela, Karly, Christina, Joy, David, Bill, Katie, Leticia, Lisa, Jess, Lucretia, Karalee, Megan, Westfield Century City Crew, Judy, Kathrina, Andrew, Norma, Ro & Mo, Kathy, Yvette, Melinda, Sandra, Nyree, Carrie, CUE friends, and your fellow #SOLIDGOLDenState educators and scholars! We are still beaming with joy and filled with gratitude from our latest #FlipgridBusTour with you all. The opportunity to visit you and see the innovative ways you're empowering and amplifying your scholars is truly magical. We're excited embark on our next #StudentVoice Odyssey soonโ€ฆ


Staff collaboration, appreciation, summer vacation and more: Administrators, help foster an enriching discussion among your educators on Flipgrid with these tips from our Educator Innovation Leads!

Administration Integration Doc


HOT off the press: a totally refreshed infographic inspired by you and the incredible ways you empower and amplify #StudentVoice - thank you!

We are so grateful to work with you and we are so inspired by the innovative ways you empower and amplify your students. Please continue sharing your amazing ideas, feedback, and questions with us on Twitter and via email - we love chatting!

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