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Ann, a dynamic Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) from Fullerton, CA, has been rockin' out Flipgrid for over a year.  Her high energy and love of learning and supporting others is apparent throughout the #FlipgridFever community.  As a Flipgrid Student Voice Ambassador, she often communicates the impact of amplifying student voice in her innovative professional learning sessions.  The one word that comes to Ann's mind when she thinks of Flipgrid is "empowering."

#Wednesday Wisdom from Ann Kozma


As a TOSA, I use Flipgrid with teachers, students, administrators and beyond. From training others how to use Flipgrid, to showing them the possibilities of what Flipgrid can do to empower student voice, I try to spread #FlipgridFever wherever I go. From classrooms to EdTech conferences, this platform provides a way to celebrate and share the authentic voices of those I work with. My first Flipgrid topic was for a reflection on the ISTE Standards for Teachers. My second grid was a place where teachers could post "I Am..." videos as we were learning how to leverage our scholars' strengths and interests to tailor personalized learning experiences. Beyond that, I use Flipgrid for All. The. Things! My Flipgrid topics range from learning how to code to a TOSA lip-sync battle, from a Mobile Learning Mindset Book Club to digital ethnography workshops where we celebrate diversity and culture in a global community. I love that with Flipgrid the possibilities for empowering authentic voice are endless.


Flipgrid has completely shifted the way teachers and students are sharing and showcasing learning in classrooms and beyond! I have seen students who are reluctant to raise their hands in class jump in with excitement as they post videos to Flipgrid.  I have seen teachers transform classroom practices and provide new pathways for their students to demonstrate their learning. The impact that Flipgrid has on learning communities is priceless. Everyone has a voice and Flipgrid is empowering students to share their voice in a new, creative ways. It always comes back to sharing authentic voices for authentic audiences for me and Flipgrid allows this to happen every single day in classrooms around the world.


Jump right in! The platform is so easy to use. With a few clicks you will catch #FlipgridFever and be on your way!

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Twitter: @annkozma723
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