💫Student Voice Rockstar: Andrew Fenstermaker 💫

Innovation breeds innovation and today’s rockstar constantly shares his creative ideas with the world. Andrew Fenstermaker, a Tech Coach and Adjunct Professor, from North Liberty, Iowa has been rocking out Flipgrid for almost 2 years! As a Flipgrid Certified Level 1 and 2 Educator, as well as Student Voice Ambassador, Andrew has inspired educators to think outside of the box when amplifying student passions. Andrew often presents at EdCamps and educational conferences and has even had students serve an active role in conference presentations! We had the pleasure of witnessing Andrew in action during the Student Voice Conference at FlipgridLIVE when he presented Amplify My Voice: Student Podcasting.

Andrew’s one word for Flipgrid is empowering and we think the same about him!


#WednesdayWisdom from Andrew

Global Read Alouds: We read The Wild Robot and shared our connections on Flipgrid. We had over 2,000 videos submitted and close to 30,000 views. Kids loved it!

🎙 Student Podcasts: We have a single podcasting Grid with each student having his/her own Topic as their podcast. Each video on the Topic is a new episode where students share about their passions.

🤝 Collaborative Learning Projects: We explored diversity among 5th grade classes across our school district using Flipgrid. Moreover, students reflect on learning using Flipgrid as they share their responses to probing questions about stories they have read, ELA skills they have explored and connections they have made.

💕 Spreading Kindness: Students used Flipgrid to create positive video messages that were turned into QR Codes and printed onto our PBIS tickets to remind everyone that they matter.

🎓 Transforming Learning in Higher Ed: We use Flipgrid as a platform to make the asynchronous course more authentic. Grad students share their reflections on their learning, and student feedback on implemented lessons. They also provide feedback to each other in the form of video replies and emoji reactions.

With Flipgrid, students have had the opportunity to gain new perspectives. By making their thinking visible and amplifying their voices, students have had the privilege to share and hear from others locally and globally. They feel empowered to own the learning process as they have the freedom to fully customize their videos through the words they share, and adding a little bling to their selfie.

Embrace the mess. Don't worry about making everything look professional. Throw a Topic together and let kids start recording. Don't worry about background noise, silly stickers, or drawings. You'll be amazed at what kids come up with when we provide them with an intuitive platform and get out of their way. Their creativity shines!

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Twitter: @a_fenstermaker
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