Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Kali Alford πŸ’«

Kali Alford, a Digital Learning Coordinator from Atlanta, Georgia, has been rockin' out Flipgrid for over 3 years! πŸ™Œ As one of the first Flipgrid Ambassadors, Kali has made a tremendous impact on the evolution of  Flipgrid, the inspiration behind the Flipgrid Mic Drop emoji & has supported the #FlipgridFever community with creative grid tips.  He speaks passionately about the power within Flipgrid to create the deep dialogue needed for continuous learning and growth.  In addition to using Flipgrid with students he leverages Flipgrid to create meaningful learning experiences for educators.  Through his innovative efforts, he was one of the first to power an entire conference with Flipgrid!  Kali believes Flipgrid creates "opportunity."


#WednesdayWisdom from Kali Alford

I've often used Flipgrid as a means of introducing the benefits of EdTech to my reluctant learners. Its ease of use is a great way to get educators to buy in.

One of my current responsibilities is instructional design. I build courses and resources for teachers to access in their own time. Flipgrid has been an awesome way to connect my learners regardless of when they are accessing the content. It's truly a bridge to connect learners through dialogue regardless of the time or times they choose to learn.

Flipgrid is great way to make every learner feel that they are supported and are an integral part of your classroom community.
πŸ“£ Build a community around your Grid.
πŸ“£ Every student has a voice that should not only be heard, but also celebrated.
πŸ“£ Encourage learners to respond, share, like, and drop mics on their classmates responses.

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Twitter: @Technitkali