Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Susan Castigliego 💫

Susan Castigliego, a 3rd grade teacher, has been rockin' out Flipgrid for over two years!  She is a Flipgrid Certified Educator & Flipgrid Ambassador who shares with the world so many amazing ways her students are engaged in learning with Flipgrid.  Susan extends her prep times to her colleagues by helping other teachers and students learn how to  best use Flipgrid in their classroom and gives PD sessions to colleagues as well on a monthly basis at her school. Susan integrates Flipgrid into so many practices in her classroom and describes Flipgrid as being "extraordinary".  


#WednesdayWisdom from Susan


  • Daily station rotations in math and readers workshop

  • To enhance the reasoning portion for CER (Claim - Evidence - Reasoning) in science

  • Connect with community leaders

  • Build school community (Grades Prek -5) with a shared grid about love for school and why students are thankful for their school and community

Flipgrid has transformed my teaching. Using Flipgrid has helped my students strengthen their written and oral responses across the curriculum. It has given my reluctant writers a positive and confident avenue to proficiency. It has helped all my students feel comfortable with expressing their ideas on and off the grids. It has helped the students that are not always willing to participate feel confident. 

Start off using Flipgrid and getting to know Flipgrid in one area with your students. I  first gave a grid as a homework assignment to do with their parents. Getting the parents involved and assigning grids weekly will strengthen their awareness of how to use Flipgrid accurately. Then let the magic begin....Use it for all you teach. The students will learn quickly and you will see their responses developing as well. When ready try to make a connection outside of the school, it is amazing  to see students excitement when they get responses from the people they are connecting with. Connect with the Flipgrid community on Twitter. The Flipgrid community has amazing ideas and are always willing to help.

Twitter: @SusanCast7
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