Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Scott Titmas 💫

Scott Titmas, a Technology Integration Specialist, has been rockin' out Flipgrid for the past 8 months.  He is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Flipgrid Ambassador who co-moderates the hottest edchat on Twitter - #Flipgridfever 🔥🔥🔥!  Scott is one of the most dedicated educators in the Flipgrid community and he believes Flipgrid is "revolutionary!"




As a former classroom teacher, and now Technology Integration Specialist, I've used Flipgrid in a wide-variety of ways. In the classroom we did various "30 Second Book Talks," novel reflections, math tutorials, math reasoning exercises, Sustainable Development Goals/Red Nose Day campaigns, thank you notes, and much more. As a T.I.S. I've created a grid for teachers to view the screencast tutorials I make. Teachers are easily able to locate resources in our "Technology Integration Grid" for the variety of technology tools our district uses..


Flipgrid has given my students a voice! It may sound somewhat cliche at this point, but it really is amazing to see my quietest students find their voice on Flipgrid. In such a busy world, our students can sometimes be overlooked by us, or even their parents. Flipgrid provides an opportunity for every one of them to be heard by us, and if we share our grids, their parents. With the new "Ideas" feature, students are put in the drivers seat of their learning. I felt that the impact of Flipgrid was a more student centered classroom where each and every one of my students felt valued. What better experience can we provide?


Anytime someone asks me about Flipgrid, I explain that Flipgrid has NO RULES! Flipgrid is as creative, collaborative, and innovative as you make it. If you have any idea, go for it! Although there are A LOT of ideas on Flipgrid's website and at #FlipgridFever, teachers should always make it their own. Take your idea and run with it!


Check out Scott's Flipgrid Rockstar intro:

Twitter : @sdtitmas