Climb to New Heights, #GridGuide 🏔

New to Flipgrid? Learn everything you need to know to get started with Flipgrid by earning your Level 1 Flipgrid Certified Badge!


Novice Flipgrid educators need your guidance! Grab your gear, level up your certifications, and become a Flipgrid #GridGuide! 

Grid Guides proudly boast the pledge...

I am a Flipgrid #GridGuide, a champion of #StudentVoice, always willing to lend a hand to fellow educators! I will share my experience, knowledge, and down right magic to inspire and empower my peers at conferences, PD sessions, in spontaneous conversations, and throughout the world of social media. Students are our future and I will do everything in my power to prepare them to conquer the universe!

The four steps to becoming a Level 3 Flipgrid Certified #GridGuide:

1. Earn your Flipgrid Certified Educator Level 1 + Level 2 badge.

2. Post at least ten total Topics in the Disco Library. Be sure to include Topic resources and detailed integration notes! Grab your My Disco Library link (see image below) and share your awesome Topics with the world!

3. Create your #GridGuide Field Notes: an original Flipgrid resource you can share with the community. This could be a blog post, Buncee, Padlet, Wakelet, or whatever medium you'd like! Just be sure to...

  • Introduce yourself, share your experience with Flipgrid, and use your own voice!

  • Provide general, subject-specific and/or age-specific advice (totally up to you!)

  • Include specific Flipgrid examples, ideas, and stories.

  • Reference (and link to) at least one of your Discovery Library topics.

  • Share additional resources, such as a fellow Grid Guides' Field Notes, a sketchnote, Jornea's Engage & Amplify webinars, a stellar tweet thread or Twitter Moment, etc. If it makes sense, link to your Certified Level 1 and/or Level 2 videos!

4. Share your voice as a #GridGuide.

  • Submit a video on the Grid Guides Topic, sharing who you are, where you're from, and what you included in your Field Notes. Include your Field Notes as a linked attachment! One of our Educator Innovators (Jornea, Jessie, or Ann) will review, provide feedback, activate your video, and add you to a searchable, interactive map of Grid Guides.

Once complete you are officially a Flipgrid #GridGuide! You will receive your badge and we will point educators in your direction as they're exploring the world of Flipgrid. Wear your badge with pride and share your Field Notes with all! 

Thank you for supporting and guiding your peers in the Flipgrid educator community!