Getting Started with Flipgrid

New to Flipgrid? You’ve come to the right place!

Flipgrid is a video discussion platform that helps educators see and hear from every student in class and foster a fun and supportive social learning environment. Keep reading to learn the Flipgrid basics and sign up for FREE Flipgrid PD anytime!


Once you set up your free educator account at, you’ll first create a Grid for your class. Within your Grid you will post discussion prompts for your students, called Topics, which serve as the stimulus for your students’ video Responses.

Step 1: Create a Grid

Create a Grid

A Grid is the “home” for your class in Flipgrid, and you can create as many Grid’s as you want. Within your Grid you can post unlimited discussion prompts. We call those Topics.

Grid Community Types
When you set up your Grid, you will choose how students access by selecting a Grid Community Type.

(1) School Email: if your students use a school email, choose this option to allow only those within your school domain to access your Grid.
(2) Student ID List: if your students do not have a school email, choose this option to create a class list. Students will authenticate using a unique student ID of your choosing, which can be as simple as 2+ letters or numbers.
(3) PLC and Public: if you are creating a Grid for adults outside your school district, choose this option to allow any person with your Flip Code access to your Grid. Participants will need to authenticate with a Microsoft or Google email in order to post a video Response.

Step 2: Add Topics


Topics are the stimulus for conversation. Within your Topic you can include anything you would like your students to reference, such as videos, links, GIFs, and emoji, prior to recording a video Response.

Discovery Library
Explore the Disco Library for thousands of age- and subject-specific Topic prompts that you can add to your Grid!

Step 3: Share your Grid and collect videos from your students.

Flipgrid Phones

Once you have set up your Grid and created your first Topic, share your Grid’s Flip Code with your students. You can also copy/paste a link to your Grid in Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Schoology, or whatever you use to communicate with your class.

That’s it! Your class is now ready to go with Flipgrid!

For more help, check out these great Flipgrid resources, including contact info for our three Educator Innovation Leads, Ann, Jornea, and Jess. They are always here to support you as you use Flipgrid!

Thank you for joining this inspiring community of 1.3M+ educators around the world!