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Flipgrid Resources

Whether you’re just starting your Flipgrid journey or ready to become a Level 3 #GridGuide, these resources are must-read and must-share!

The incredible Educator’s Guide to Flipgrid eBook (now available in seven languages) is packed with tips and tricks for amplifying #StudentVoice!

Explore this collection of age- and subject-specific Flipgrid Integration Docs. Each includes use case ideas and Disco Library Topics you can add to your Grids!

The renowned Christine McKee has collected resources from near and far and assembled this packed site to guide you as you start your #StudentVoice Odyssey!

Flipgrid Educator Community

Flipgrid is a family of passionate educators sharing ideas and inspiration and having a whole lot of fun along the way. Take a moment and meet some of the educators in this vibrant community!

And check out even more opportunities to get involved below!

Get Flipgrid Certified
Learn the Flipgrid basics and earn your Level 1 Flipgrid Certified Educator badge!

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Join the inspiring community committed to empowering and amplifying #StudentVoice!

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Find educators who are rocking and rolling #StudentVoice in exemplary ways!

More Learning Adventures

Rock the Grid
Come join our #GridTip Party, where we dive deeper into best practices for using Flipgrid and highlight unique ways you can engage learners with Flipgrid.

Presentation Library
Slide decks, images, and resources to help you craft a perfect Flipgrid presentation!

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