❤️🖤💚 Black History Month: A Celebration of Voice 💚🖤❤️

The following post is written by Educator Innovation Lead Jornea Erwin. In the #GridTip Series, Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Ann, Jess, and Jornea will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid. Looking for more inspiration? Check out the Educator Innovation Station for tons of ideas!


As a member of the Flipgrid community, we know you celebrate and amplify diverse voices every day! We’re so grateful and proud to be part of your empowering practices and, especially this Black History Month, we want to champion your glorious ideas.

Black History Month is a testament to the power of voice: Carter G. Woodson started the movement in 1925. In 1976, President Ford proclaimed the month an official celebration to recognize and honor the amazing contributions, achievements, and impact African Americans have made in the United States and around the world.

Read on for five ways Flipgrid can help you celebrate voice and integrate Black History into your curriculum this month and every month throughout the year!

⚡️ Spark Conversations about Equity
How can we ensure everyone is treated fairly? How might we create opportunities for all?

Disco Library Topics
Diversity by Amelia Knuth
Ruby Bridges by Jornea Erwin
Jackie Robinson BIO by Jornea Erwin

🖥 Enrich Curriculum
Research and share contributions of African-Americans across subjects.

Disco Library Topics
Unsung Heroes #BecauseOfThemWeCan by Megann Lock
Black History Bio-Poem Appsmash by Ashley Peterson
Nobel Peace Prize by Jornea Erwin

💚 Understand Diverse Perspectives
Explore various genres of literature, photos, videos, and lyrics.

Disco Library Topics
Turning Point in American History by Adam Topliff
1920s Clue by Stephanie Bean
The Blues by David Wickham

🗺 Walk in History
Immerse your students in the lives and events of the past to demonstrate affects on life then and now. Take your students to a museum of on a virtual tour.

Disco Library Topics
Our Children Can Soar by Richard Masso
Virtual Wax Museum by Tamara Letter
Lenses of Diversity by Andrew Fenstermaker

🌏 Connect with and Learn from Others
Welcome guests into your community to share their passions, perspectives, and pride in what they do. Toggle-on Guest Mode or connect with another class via #GridPals!

🕺🏽Disco Library Topics
Heroes Inspire Others by Jornea Erwin
Famous African Americans by Heather Negley
Virtual Field Trips Around the World
by Laura Krenicki

In the words of Mae Jemison, the first African-American female astronaut, “never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” I encourage you to engage and inspire your students to always learn from diverse perspectives as you support your students to achieve their dreams!

See you on the grid! 🚀

February Newsletter 💚

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A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet 1000s of amazing educators and school leaders across the pond at BETT in London. Then we flew to Florida to soak up some sun with our friends at FETC in Orlando. Now we're at TCEA in San Antonio and - y’all - the innovation down here is mighty impressive! From Bus Tours to conferences to #StudentVoice celebrations, we LOVE spending time with our Flipgrid family!

Keep reading to learn about MyFlipgrid, five ways to engage families with Flipgrid, our next Flipgrid Feature, and more!



Now your students can view, manage, and share their Flipgrid videos, return to their Grids, view their Moderated videos, and review educator Feedback, all in one place!

MyFlipgrid is your Flipgrid!


Learning loves community, so let’s use Flipgrid to invite families and other stakeholders into the classroom as we engage our learners and celebrate success!

#GridTip: Family Engagement with Flipgrid


With just one tweet, you packed the house with over 300 registrations! But have no fear, GridPalGeorge is on the lookout for a bigger venue to hold all the collaboration, celebration, and innovation that’s in store for #FlipgridLIVE at #ISTE19!

Join your #FlipgridFever friends in Philadelphia!


Join an ingenious trio - Melisa, Kathrina, and Andy - for our February Flipgrid Feature: #GridGuide Genius Hour! The three will share a collection of creative ideas for engaging and amplifying your scholars!

Join the innovative celebration!


Check out our library of integration docs to explore specific, launch-ready ideas for amplifying #StudentVoice!

Music & Arts, World Languages, Health/Physical Education and more!

B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T ideas from the #FlipgridFever community…

We love seeing the inspiring ways you empower your scholars, foster a connected community, and ignite magic. Here are a few amazing ideas shared by your peers in the #FlipgridFever community last month!


We’re hitting the road and embarking on our next #StudentVoice odyssey… this time with the gnarly, innovative, California area educators!

Join us on the #SOLIDGOLDenState #FlipgridBusTour!

Talk to you soon…

Thank you again! We are so grateful to work with you and we are so inspired by the innovative ways you empower and amplify your students. Please continue sharing your amazing ideas, feedback, and questions with us on Twitter and via email - we love chatting!

💚 Your friends at Flipgrid in Minneapolis, Minnesota

#GridTip Party: Family Engagement with Flipgrid

The following blog post is written by Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Jornea Erwin, Ann Kozma, and Jess Boyce. In the #GridTip Series, Jornea, Ann, and Jess will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid. Looking for more inspiration? Check out the Educator Innovation Station for tons of ideas!


Learning loves community, so let’s invite families and other stakeholders into the classroom as we engage our learners and celebrate success!

Whether you are planning parent-teacher conferences or looking for ways to engage families throughout the school year, here are some dynamic ways educators are leveraging the power of Flipgrid to get everyone involved!

🖼QR Code Displays: Bring your student displays to life by adding Flipgrid QR codes. Each code links to a student sharing the magic behind their project. Families can scan, watch, and enjoy at any time! Explore more ideas on Twitter

🎟Engage Families with Guest Mode: Activate Guest Mode on any Topic to provide a super simple way for families to hop into the Grid and view/reply to their scholars! Explore more ideas on Twitter

🏫Parent-Teacher & Student-Led Conferences: Celebrate achievements, encourage growth, and support continued learning by sharing Flipgrid videos with families during conferences. Ask learners to use MyFlipgrid and choose the videos that best represent their learning, and ask families to Reply and leave a special message for their child! Explore more ideas on Twitter

📰Newsletter Grids: Keep families up to speed with important dates to remember, curriculum content, resources, and learning strategies via a newsletter Grid. BONUS: Families that speak a different primary language can use Immersive Reader to translate content! Explore more ideas on Twitter

👨‍👩‍👧Class MixTapes:  Curate a view-only collection of Flipgrid videos to showcase the learning happening in your class. Families can Follow your MixTape to get notified when you add new videos! Explore more ideas on Twitter

Check out the tweets below to see these ideas in action. We hope you have fun engaging your families and community in the learning process with Flipgrid. If you have other mic drop ideas, we would L💚VE to hear them. Share on Twitter using #FlipgridFever!

See you on the grid! 🚀

💕Jornea, Ann, and Jess

Flipgrid Explorer Series


The Flipgrid Explorer Series is a fun mixture of a career day, digital field trip, show and tell, ask-an-expert, and #GridPals!

Meet the Explorers
We welcome scientists, engineers, creatives, and more to share their amazing work and challenge students on unique topics related to their field! Each Series is available on-demand and designed to be broad so that you can adapt the material to fit your lessons!

Launching a Series
It’s easy to create a unique Explorer Series experience for your class - just click the Disco Library links and add the Topics to your Grid! If you want to expand involvement and welcome other classes from your school, district, community, state, or even the world, connect with a fellow educator (or educators) via #GridPals and then share your Grid with CoPilots!


Robots, Released January 2019
Beep beep boop bop! Explore the importance of problem-solving and storytelling with robots. Leah LaCrosse and Rich Perry guide your students through the engineering and emotional aspects of robotics through four amazing, launch-ready discussion Topics! Launch all four right into your classroom Grid or join the global #GridPals Grid (launching April 2019) by Priscilla Heredia by signing up over here: Robots Explorer Series #GridPals Grid Registration


Fish School, March 4 - 15, 2019
In this special edition of the Flipgrid Explorer Series, Laura G Explorer will be joining your students on the Grid! Launching soon, Laura is excited to share her graduate research firsthand while encouraging your students to dive into projects of their own. Sign up to get your students access to this aquaventure where they’ll learn all about (and what is a) oncorhynchus mykiss, have the opportunity to speak directly with Laura, and share their findings with their peers around the world!

To join the global #GridPals Grid organized by Priscilla Heredia, sign up here!


Code with Team Flipgrid, Released November 2018
Team Flipgrid is excited to show your students the design and development of Flipgrid and engage them in creating and coding their own projects. In addition to our behind-the-scenes videos at Flipgrid Studios, each Topic is equipped with a variety of resources and activities curated by the wonderful Karly Moura (thank you Karly!). Launch all six right into your classroom Grid or join the global #GridPals Grid by Priscilla Heredia by signing up over here: Code Explorer Series #GridPals Grid Registration


Aquarium with Sam, Released November 2018
Join Sam from the Aquarium of Niagara for a wave of fun and activities around conservation, adaptation, and aquatic recreation! Launch Sam right into your classroom Grid or join the global #GridPals Grid by Priscilla Heredia by signing up over here: Aquarium Explorer Series #GridPals Grid Registration


MatheMAGIC with Jen Saarinen and Sean Fahey, Released August 2018
Mathemagicians Jen and Sean have solved for x in the equation ∫ ƒ{(super)x(cali)+fragilistic^(expi)+(ali)/(docious)}dx and brought math to life! Spark your students’ curiosity and demystify math with the duo's six stellar Explorer Topics. Also check out their fantastic guide to help you prepare your student voice spell-casting skills for this Explorer Series!

Check back here throughout the year for on-demand Explorer Series Topics on a rolling basis!

#SOLIDGOLDenState 🌞 #FlipgridBusTour 🚌

SOLIDGOLDenState FlipgridBusTour

After finishing our first #FlipgridBusTour up the East Coast of U.S., we knew the #StudentVoice odyssey would not be our last. This past fall, we loved meeting educators and students throughout the Lone Start State and, just this past month, we had a blast on our mini #FlipgridBusTour to the incredible Broadclyst Community Primary School in the UK.

This March we’re commencing our next #FlipgridBusTour in California (with a kick-start in Oregon)! Regardless of where you’re based, join us on the stops at sixteen schools + four #FlipgridFever-ella events down the West Coast on Twitter, Instagram, and Flipgrid!

If you are based in or suddenly traveling to California: we would LOVE to see you in person! Let us know if you’re able to join us:

🏜 Bay Area Educators #FlipgridFever-ella, Sunday 03 March 2019

🏜 Livingston Area Educators #FlipgridFever-ella, Tuesday 05 March 2019

🏜 LA Area #FlipgridFever-ella, Saturday 09 March 2019

🏜 San Diego Area #FlipgridFever-ella, Monday 11 March 2019

A huge thank you to the hosts at our upcoming stops - we are SO EXCITED to meet you, your fellow educators, and your incredible students for 🧬 #StudentVoice Secret Sauce School Explorations, 🔮 #StudentVoice is Magic Rallies, and the special ⛺️ Student #Edcamp at Smith River Elementary!

🧬 Eagle Rock Elementary, Heather Marrs + Linda Saling

⛺️ Smith River Elementary School, Knela Newton

🔮 Sun Terrace Elementary School, Karly Moura

🔮 Gehringer Elementary School, Christina Whitmire

🧬 Livingston Middle School, Joy Silva

🧬 Hillbrook School, Bill Selak

🧬 North High School, Katie McNamara

🔮 Hawthorne School, Leticia Citizen

🧬 Extera Public Schools, Jess Jacobs

🧬 San Marino High School, Peter Paccone

🔮 First Avenue Middle School, Lucretia Anton + Karalee Nakatsuka + Connie Mimura + Megan Forbes

🔮 Ira Harbison Elementary School, Kathrina Mendez

🧬 McCabe Union Elementary School District, Andrew Arevalo

🔮 Susan LaVorgna Elementary, Ro & Mo

🔮 Crestmore Elementary, Kathy Steele

🔮 Valley Preparatory School, Carrie Willis

🥑 Spring CUE

Stay gold, California - we’ll see you soon!
Adam, Jornea, George, Jess, and Ann


Let's Celebrate #FlipgridFriday 🎉


Every week, educators around the world celebrate their student’s learning on #FlipgridFriday. It’s the perfect opportunity to…

🤔 Ask students to share their favorite learning experience or an “A-Ha!” moment. Then, turn on Guest Mode and share the Topic with families!

🚀 Join your students and set personal learning goals for the week ahead.

🤩 Have students showcase a project or assignment they are proud of.

👩‍👩‍👧 Create a new Guest Mode Topic for students to share weekend learning with their families.

How will you amplify and engage your learners on #FlipgridFriday? Let's share! Every Friday two #FlipgridFever educators will win a BRAND NEW #StudentVoice tshirt!