Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Ann Kozma 💫


Ann, a dynamic Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) from Fullerton, CA, has been rockin' out Flipgrid for over a year.  Her high energy and love of learning and supporting others is apparent throughout the #FlipgridFever community.  As a Flipgrid Student Voice Ambassador, she often communicates the impact of amplifying student voice in her innovative professional learning sessions.  The one word that comes to Ann's mind when she thinks of Flipgrid is "empowering."

#Wednesday Wisdom from Ann Kozma


As a TOSA, I use Flipgrid with teachers, students, administrators and beyond. From training others how to use Flipgrid, to showing them the possibilities of what Flipgrid can do to empower student voice, I try to spread #FlipgridFever wherever I go. From classrooms to EdTech conferences, this platform provides a way to celebrate and share the authentic voices of those I work with. My first Flipgrid topic was for a reflection on the ISTE Standards for Teachers. My second grid was a place where teachers could post "I Am..." videos as we were learning how to leverage our scholars' strengths and interests to tailor personalized learning experiences. Beyond that, I use Flipgrid for All. The. Things! My Flipgrid topics range from learning how to code to a TOSA lip-sync battle, from a Mobile Learning Mindset Book Club to digital ethnography workshops where we celebrate diversity and culture in a global community. I love that with Flipgrid the possibilities for empowering authentic voice are endless.


Flipgrid has completely shifted the way teachers and students are sharing and showcasing learning in classrooms and beyond! I have seen students who are reluctant to raise their hands in class jump in with excitement as they post videos to Flipgrid.  I have seen teachers transform classroom practices and provide new pathways for their students to demonstrate their learning. The impact that Flipgrid has on learning communities is priceless. Everyone has a voice and Flipgrid is empowering students to share their voice in a new, creative ways. It always comes back to sharing authentic voices for authentic audiences for me and Flipgrid allows this to happen every single day in classrooms around the world.


Jump right in! The platform is so easy to use. With a few clicks you will catch #FlipgridFever and be on your way!

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Sketchnotes, Doodles & Visual Thinking
Green Screen


Twitter: @annkozma723
Check out Ann's Flipgrid Rockstar video (password = Flipgrid)

Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Brandi Miller 💫

Brandi Miller, a 1st grade teacher from Auburndale, FL has been rockin' out Flipgrid for over a year. She is truly one of the most collaborative educators in the #FlipgridFever community!  Brandi is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Flipgrid Ambassador who regularly shares via Twitter the impact of connecting her students with other students around the world. To Brandi, Flipgrid is "Limitless!" 


I love using Flipgrid for global collaborations. My students connect with different classes across the country. They create learning challenges and correspond back and forth with their digital penpals - #GridPals. This provides them with a relevant audience and opportunities to learn from each other. I also try to incorporate Flipgrid daily into all subject areas. It's a great way for students to share their learning and respond to others. The possibilities are endless!

My first graders love having the opportunity to use Flipgrid in our classroom. Even my shyest students have confidence in being able to hear their responses before they post them. I have seen an increase in student engagement and more confidence in their speaking. They are able to convey their understanding by sharing their voice.

Jump in and let your students run with it! This is an awesome platform to highlight student voice! Look for opportunities to incorporate Flipgrid into your daily instruction because it will enhance the learning in your classroom.  It gives ALL of your students the chance to share and be heard.

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Twitter: @bmilla84

Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Sean Forde 💫

Sean Forde, a K-5 STEAM Innovative Educator, has been rockin' on Flipgrid for over a year. He is a Flipgrid Certified Educator, Flipgrid Ambassador, and has shook the globe by leveraging the power of Flipgrid in creating a series World Read Aloud Grids! In addition to being incredible connector himself, Sean has inspired other educators to reach beyond the classroom walls and collaborate in innovative ways. To Sean, Flipgrid is MAGICAL! 🦄🌈


#WednesdayWisdom from Sean Forde

I enjoy using Flipgrid as a way to break down the walls of the classroom and connect globally. I have two main projects. #WORLDReadAlouds allow a children's book to be brought to life one page at a time by people all around the world. In addition, I use Flipgrid to provide a different form of Flat Stanley reporting. It allows the student or friend to share Stanley's adventures through video instead of pictures.

Using Flipgrid to power World Read Alouds and Flat Stanley projects allows students and educators to learn more about geographic regions, and provides opportunities for cross-curricular learning experiences.  Students are not only excited to see locations from which pages are read, but they can be a part of the story themselves!

Have fun, shoot for the moon, and expect to fail a few times. Some of the best ideas and projects don't happen on the first attempt. Take it, refine it, and make it yours!

Learn from Sean: Check out Sean's Collection of #WorldReadAlouds

Sean is the reigning #FlipgridAppsmash Madness Champion 2018: Learn how to create your own collaborate read aloud with Flipgrid

Connect: Check out Sean's Rockstar Video

Join the legend on Twitter: @sean4d

Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Natasha Rachell 💫

Natasha Rachell, a Digital Learning Specialist from Atlanta, GA, has been rockin' out Flipgrid since October 2013 🙌.  Over the past 4.5 years, Natasha has witnessed the vast impact of Flipgrid in multiple learning environments.  She is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Flipgrid Ambassador who shares Flipgrid not only within her district but also at educational conferences and summits around the United States and world-wide through Twitter!  As she would say "It's easy to get started, just use my FREE 45 day trial code RACHELL if you're interested."  Natasha expresses that Flipgrid is POWERFUL 💥.

Natasha Rachell.001.jpeg

#WednesdayWisdom from Natasha Rachell

As a central office-based educator and presenter I use Flipgrid to drive my professional development sessions in the following ways:
📝collect feedback
🤝share best practices
💡participant lightbulb/ ah-ha moments

Teachers with whom I work are using Flipgrid for various learning experiences:
📖book reports
🛎bell ringers
✅exit tickets to check for understanding
🗣assess oral fluency in world language classes
➕make mathematical thinking visible
🤔engage in the inquiry process of learning
🔬explore and share steps in the scientific method

Plain and simple...Flipgrid gives students a VOICE!  Flipgrid allows those that are quiet and nervous the opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts in a manner that is conducive to their learning styles.  It appeals to every student in the classroom.  I love that students are able to show their personalities through the manner in which they record as well as creating the "thumbnail" photo for their responses with stickers.  Flipgrid has grown so organically but has spread like wild-fire in our district!  In addition to teachers using Flipgrid, administrators use Flipgrid to flip staff meetings and our central office staff embraces Flipgrid as a means of collecting feedback from professional learning sessions.  

Dive in and try it!!! Don't be scared!  Put it out in the universe to see!  Students are engaging with Flipgrid from ALL across the world!  Once you figure it out, share it with other educators!  The more, the merrier!

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Twitter:  @apsitnatasha

Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Luis Oliveira 💫

Luis Oliveira, a Director of Unified Arts and ELL teacher from Middleton, RI, has been rockin' out Flipgrid for over a year.  Luis embodies the beliefs that all students have a voice and all voices should be amplified.  Luis took a blast with Flipgrid as well as a plunge into becoming Flipgrid Certified -  Level 1 & Level 2 certified.  As a Flipgrid Ambassador, Luis is active in sharing the impact he witnesses daily by the use of Flipgrid, especially for English Language Learners and creating resources to support other educators. His passion shows he is committed to meet the needs of all learners, therefore Luis describes Flipgrid as being "reflective."


#WednesdayWisdom from Luis Oliveira

📰respond to Newsela readings
🤝share opinions on a variety of topics
🌎connect with students around the world
🗣vehicle for leaving advice to new students
🙌 a way to bring experts into our classrooms & thank presenters for sharing their expertise  

I work with English Language Learners (ELL) and Flipgrid has given my students a voice.  They can communicate their ideas without the fear of being in the front of an audience before they are ready.  Flipgrid has shortened the silent period that most ELLs go through. It also gives my students many opportunities to practice their oral skills.

The advice that I always give to new users is to just jump in and use it.  It is so simple to use that learning by doing is the way to go.

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Global Grids:
Reflections - Benefits of Learning English
I Have a Dream - Equality for All

Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Kali Alford 💫

Kali Alford, a Digital Learning Coordinator from Atlanta, Georgia, has been rockin' out Flipgrid for over 3 years! 🙌 As one of the first Flipgrid Ambassadors, Kali has made a tremendous impact on the evolution of  Flipgrid, the inspiration behind the Flipgrid Mic Drop emoji & has supported the #FlipgridFever community with creative grid tips.  He speaks passionately about the power within Flipgrid to create the deep dialogue needed for continuous learning and growth.  In addition to using Flipgrid with students he leverages Flipgrid to create meaningful learning experiences for educators.  Through his innovative efforts, he was one of the first to power an entire conference with Flipgrid!  Kali believes Flipgrid creates "opportunity."


#WednesdayWisdom from Kali Alford

I've often used Flipgrid as a means of introducing the benefits of EdTech to my reluctant learners. Its ease of use is a great way to get educators to buy in.

One of my current responsibilities is instructional design. I build courses and resources for teachers to access in their own time. Flipgrid has been an awesome way to connect my learners regardless of when they are accessing the content. It's truly a bridge to connect learners through dialogue regardless of the time or times they choose to learn.

Flipgrid is great way to make every learner feel that they are supported and are an integral part of your classroom community.
📣 Build a community around your Grid.
📣 Every student has a voice that should not only be heard, but also celebrated.
📣 Encourage learners to respond, share, like, and drop mics on their classmates responses.

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Twitter: @Technitkali