💫Student Voice Rockstar: Andrew Fenstermaker 💫

Innovation breeds innovation and today’s rockstar constantly shares his creative ideas with the world. Andrew Fenstermaker, a Tech Coach and Adjunct Professor, from North Liberty, Iowa has been rocking out Flipgrid for almost 2 years! As a Flipgrid Certified Level 1 and 2 Educator, as well as Student Voice Ambassador, Andrew has inspired educators to think outside of the box when amplifying student passions. Andrew often presents at EdCamps and educational conferences and has even had students serve an active role in conference presentations! We had the pleasure of witnessing Andrew in action during the Student Voice Conference at FlipgridLIVE when he presented Amplify My Voice: Student Podcasting.

Andrew’s one word for Flipgrid is empowering and we think the same about him!


#WednesdayWisdom from Andrew

Global Read Alouds: We read The Wild Robot and shared our connections on Flipgrid. We had over 2,000 videos submitted and close to 30,000 views. Kids loved it!

🎙 Student Podcasts: We have a single podcasting Grid with each student having his/her own Topic as their podcast. Each video on the Topic is a new episode where students share about their passions.

🤝 Collaborative Learning Projects: We explored diversity among 5th grade classes across our school district using Flipgrid. Moreover, students reflect on learning using Flipgrid as they share their responses to probing questions about stories they have read, ELA skills they have explored and connections they have made.

💕 Spreading Kindness: Students used Flipgrid to create positive video messages that were turned into QR Codes and printed onto our PBIS tickets to remind everyone that they matter.

🎓 Transforming Learning in Higher Ed: We use Flipgrid as a platform to make the asynchronous course more authentic. Grad students share their reflections on their learning, and student feedback on implemented lessons. They also provide feedback to each other in the form of video replies and emoji reactions.

With Flipgrid, students have had the opportunity to gain new perspectives. By making their thinking visible and amplifying their voices, students have had the privilege to share and hear from others locally and globally. They feel empowered to own the learning process as they have the freedom to fully customize their videos through the words they share, and adding a little bling to their selfie.

Embrace the mess. Don't worry about making everything look professional. Throw a Topic together and let kids start recording. Don't worry about background noise, silly stickers, or drawings. You'll be amazed at what kids come up with when we provide them with an intuitive platform and get out of their way. Their creativity shines!

Learn from Andrew

💥 Student Podcast Grid
💥 Appsmashing to Create Student Podcast
💥 Ditch that Textbook Blog- “What students say about creating podcasts on WeVideo and Flipgrid”

Connect with Andrew
Twitter: @a_fenstermaker
Check out Andrew’s Rockstar Video:

💕💫Student Voice Rockstar: Lucretia Anton

The heart of education is a dedicated educator and if you ever meet Lucretia Anton, she will steal your heart with her passion for creating loving environments for both students and teachers. As an Innovation Coach and past Rancho Lab School Teacher, Lucretia has been rockin’ out Flipgrid in her role for two years! She modeled the quest for continuous improvement by blasting off to become a Flipgrid Certified Educator and serves the Flipgrid community as an amazing Student Voice Ambassador for her school, community, and the larger online PLN known as “FlipgridFever.” Lucretia presents frequently at conferences, including Arcadia Unified Innovation Conference, EdTech Teacher Conference, Fall CUE, Spring CUE, and San Gabriel CUE. We were honored as she assisted with the organization and also presented at #StuVoiceCon18. In January of 2018, Lucretia even shared her amazing tips for creating a fun and welcoming environment for professional learning during the Presenting Flipgrid Webinar. She is a true gem!

The one word that comes to mind when Lucretia thinks about Flipgrid is 💥EMPOWERING 💥


#WednesdayWisdom from Lucretia 💕


I love using Flipgrid! It’s simple, engaging, and most of all, versatile. This versatility has really empowered me to let my ideas take form. Much like a kid molding clay into shape after exciting new shape, I’ve been able to “mold” Flipgrid to connect in a variety of ways and across a wide range of ages from preschool students to adults. There is just something magical about using a lively medium like Flipgrid that ignites my creativity, no matter the audience I am working with.

Here are a few ways I have used Flipgrid with TK-Adults:
🗣Preschool-Talk the Illustration
📖Kindergarten Read Aloud Centers
💬Connect to Text Reflection
🎯Student Led Conference Goal Setting
🔎Mystery Numbers
🇺🇸Making History Characters Come to Life
👩‍⚖️Character Education: Developing the Leader in Each Student
🔢Algebra I Videos & Reflections
💭Community Circle Prompts & Reflections
👋Staff Introductions
💕Teacher Appreciation Messages
👨‍🏫QR Code Teacher Welcome Videos for Learning Walks
🤒Get Well Messages
🎂Happy Birthday Messages


Flipgrid has empowered students and adults alike to share their thoughts, fears, joys, and hopes with each other. It has been a catalyst for building relationships and strengthening classroom community. Through Flipgrid, our community of learners has gained a stronger sense of who they are as learners, and learners have embraced taking ownership of their learning. This has led to more meaningful conversations and a much deeper level of problem-solving in the classroom.


My advice to a new Flipgrid user is to have fun, connect with others, and trust in what you believe will be most valuable for your students.

Create a grid titled "These are a Few of Our Favorite Things." In the topic descriptions, ask students about their favorite food, what they love to do outside of school, how they learn best, etc. This will allow you as an educator to simultaneously get to know your students and the Flipgrid platform. It will also allow your students to get to know one another. Building classroom community with Flipgrid allows for students and teachers to take risks, learn from failure, and empathize with each other.

Connect 🌐
The #FlipgridFever family has your back! If you are looking for an idea, someone to bounce an idea off of, or want to build a global, authentic audience for your students, then the Flipgrid community is here to support you! Follow the hashtag #FlipgridFever on Twitter to stay connected to the latest ideas regarding Flipgrid. You can join 5000+ educators connecting with other classrooms by signing up for #GridPals and following the hashtag #GridPals on Twitter. I have never met such an inviting group of educators who are always willing to work together to amplify student and teacher voices.

Trust 🙌
You know what is best for your students and community. Period. Trust in the experiences and the possibilities you can create or “mold” utilizing Flipgrid. Let your ideas and creativity take shape. You’ve got this!

Learn from Lucretia

Connect with Lucretia
Twitter: @lantonha
Check out Lucretia’s Rockstar Video:

💕💫Student Voice Rockstar: Kathi Kersznowski 💫💕

Kathi, a creative and innovative Technology Integration Specialist from Williamstown, NJ, has been rockin’ out Flipgrid for almost 2 years! As a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Student Voice Ambassador, she shares and supports educators around the world in various PLNs, at conferences, and on social media. Her passion for creating engaging learning experiences is out of this world! You may have even heard of Kathi’s FlipHunt idea, which had everyone flippin’. This idea empowered and inspired many educators to create their own #Fliphunt experiences for multiple content areas, grade levels and purposes. Kathi simply describes Flipgrid as ✨M✨A✨G✨I✨C✨A✨L✨


As a Technology Integration Specialist, I am a teacher of teachers. Working in staff development, I get to show other educators the wonders of Flipgrid...it’s possibilities and the magical things that it can do. It works for everyone at every grade level in every subject area, so it’s my job to show a huge variety of uses & just inspire limitless ideas! I have silly fun Grids for teachers to learn Flipgrid and just experience it for the first time. I do in-class demo lessons that are tailored to any teacher’s content and learning objectives. I always direct teachers to the Discovery Library, where they feel supported by a bazillion ideas from the Flipgrid community!
I came up with the idea of a #Fliphunt, which is basically a scavenger hunt using Flipgrid, and it is insanely fun for students - and the teachers who get to watch and evaluate their video responses! I honesty think I come up with new ideas to use Flipgrid every week...I keep finding inspiration all around me!

Flipgrid opens worlds. Our littlest learners can get out BIG thoughts because they are able to respond verbally and with all the vibrant emotion that is captured through live video. Our reluctant writers aren’t reluctant speakers - they’re so much more willing to share their brilliance when they can speak and know that others value their spoken voice. Our shy students don’t find it as difficulty to talk to an iPad or a laptop as they would a whole class - and Flipgrid makes it possible for them to be loud and proud. Many of our students would rather take formative assessments by TALKING about what they know openly rather than filling in bubbles with a #2 pencil, and our best educators are enjoying being able to give students a choice in how they’re assessed. For all these and so many more reasons, Flipgrid opens worlds.

Jump on in! Start with one Grid - one Topic - one idea. Learn to use Flipgrid with your students, and you’ll soon be adding more & more features to your topics. You’ll try a few new tricks, maybe experiment with a rubric, add a few meaningful attachments, and hopefully explore a little app-smashing! Use the Discovery Library to find inspiration, and then please inspire others by leaving your topics there for others to discover. Connect with the vast, enthusiastic Flipgrid community on Twitter or Facebook, or just check out the Flipgrid blog from time to time to see what others are doing. Lastly, let your students inspire you - they will suggest topic ideas, they will find new ways to use Flipgrid, and they will teach you so much...if you just listen.

Learn from Kathi
What is a #Fliphunt?

Connect with Kathi
Check out Kathi’s Rockstar Video!

Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Michael Drezek 💫

Michael, a Technology Integrator/ TOSA for Lakeshore CSD has been rockin' with Flipgrid since May 2016!  He is one of the most compassionate educators committed to helping students develop global empathy through connections.  He is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Student Voice Ambassador who has teamed up to moderate Our Global Classroom,  connecting thousands of students around the world! 🌍🚀 
Michael is a true inspiration and the one word he uses to describe Flipgrid is EMPOWERING!

Flipgrid Rockstar_Michael Drezek.001.jpeg

#WednesdayWisdom from Michael

💡- for students to pitch genius hour ideas.
🌍- to cultivate connections based learning opportunities and global education experiences through a STEM Hub as well as with Flipgrid Explorer series.
🖥- to build a virtual tour of our High School by embedding teacher introductions and videos into a 360 photosphere.
🗣- to learn with other educators for professional learning in a video chat format (#ditchbook, #vedchat)
🏕- for students to share their learning from a student edcamp.
📕- for World Read Alouds (Malala's Magic Pencil)
📣- for teachers to give shout outs to colleagues during a district edcamp.
🤗- to raise awareness of global goals through Our Global Classroom #WhatIf Grid
🤝- to meet students from other classrooms as part of global projects such as Buncee Buddies, Empatico, Awesome Squiggles Art Project, Transpacific Learning Hup (PYP Connected)
💻- to deliver webinars involving appsmashing to other educators
🇺🇸- to host student video showcase for creating historical movie trailers on the Civil War and Reconstruction
💕- to connect to our teacher retirees to deliver inspirational messages to new teachers
🙏- to send a video thank you to class guests
🏆- to have students participate in STEM Olympics and Digital Learning Day from home, when they were on Mid-Winter recess  

Flipgrid has opened up our classroom to each other and the world. It creates a safe space to share our thoughts, ideas, questions and curiosities. It also has brought a great deal of fun. Due to the ability to appsmash with so many other tools such as Chatterpix or Adobe Spark, it empowers students to get creative and empowers the shy students to share. It has opened up our minds but more importantly our hearts as we connect and learn with each other and the world. Since Flipgrid is so simple to use for both students and educators, we can maximize our time spent amplifying voice! The impact is evident and likely reaches beyond what we are even able to see. Thank you, Flipgrid!

Explore the Discovery Library and hashtag #FlipgridFever to get ideas from the users. It is guaranteed to spark an idea that will work in your classroom. Also, take time to reply to students through a response or feedback. People thrive on connections and communication, with each other and with the important adults in their life. This is your chance to #BeTheOne! Have fun with the stickers and selfies. We teach the selfie generation and meeting them in this way through Flipgrid gets everyone on the same level. Also, always be willing to discover something new with Flipgrid. It keeps getting better all the time!

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 7.36.12 AM.png

Learn from Michael
Disco Library Topics:
Vision for 2030
Create Your Own Olympic Sport
EdCamp Learning

Blog: https://michaeldrezek.com/


Twitter: @m_drez
Check out Michael's Flipgrid Rockstar video:

Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Tisha Poncio 💫

Tisha, an inspiring Instructional Technology Specialist from Dallas, TX has been rockin' out Flipgrid for over a year. Her drive for continuous learning is evident in her attainment of Flipgrid Certified Educator Levels 1 and 2! As a Student Voice Ambassador, Tisha is always presenting, supporting and sharing resources to help educators amplify voice and give feedback to students throughout the #FlipgridFever community.  The one word that comes to Tisha's mind when she thinks about Flipgrid is MONUMENTAL! 

Flipgrid Rockster_Tisha Poncio.001.jpeg

#WednesdayWisdom from Tisha

✅FlipQuiz on required reading for the week
❓Pre-Interview videos for student leader applications
🇺🇸State Research
🗣 Presentation Feedback
👋Quick Introductions of Staff/Students
🤝Teambuilding Activities
💚Teacher Collaboration
📝 Class to Class "pen pals" - writing workshop

Flipgrid has really allowed me to teach my students how to polish their public speaking skills, interact with each other, and really think through their learning. In addition, Flipgrid has allowed my own children to see just how far reaching learning can be!  

Feel the fear and do it anyway! Try some fun prompts with your PLN or with one small group of students so you are able to learn more about it. You'll be surprised how the ideas start to flow after that.

Learn from Tisha
Disco Library Topics - Check out the 5 topics Tisha added to the Disco Library to welcome and engage your students!
Flipgrid Single Point Rubric

Check out Tisha's Flipgrid Rockstar video

Twitter: @TxTechChick

Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Jessie Boyce 💫

Jessie, a 6th grade teacher, from St. Petersburg Florida has been rockin' out Flipgrid for a year and a half.  As a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Flipgrid Ambassador she serves with an open heart fellow educators in their quest to meet the needs of their students through amplifying voice.  To Jessie, utilizing Flipgrid in the classroom leads to EMPOWERMENT!


#WednesdayWisdom from Jessie Boyce


🏫beginning of the year introductions
🗣conversations with parents
🤔student reflections
 📝student assessment
💻student made tutorials


In my classroom, students are no longer afraid to speak. Flipgrid has assisted in building a community of thinkers who know it's ok to make mistakes, but also to share those with one another.


Not all of your students are going to be super on board at first - and that is ok.  I always give my students an option to write if they are uncomfortable with video. But by the end of the year, most of them want to participate with their peers. Don't force it.


Twitter: @jessxbo
Check out Jessie's Flipgrid Rockstar Video (password = Flipgrid)