#BetterTogether: WeVideo + Flipgrid

The following post is a collaboration by Jennifer Eggert (Instructional Technology Coach), Nathan Lang-Raad (WeVideo Chief Education Officer), and Ann Kozma (Flipgrid Educator Innovation Lead).

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Regardless of the grade and content you teach, one goal we all share as teachers is empowering students to articulate their learning. Bringing together the engaging creation powers of WeVideo and social learning nature of Flipgrid enables you to provide your students opportunity to plan, produce, and direct a plot of creative inquiry…

I (Ann Kozma, Educator Innovation Lead) had the pleasure of chatting with Jennifer Eggert, an Instructional Technology Coach at DuJardin Elementary School in Bloomingdale, Illinois, and Nathan Lang-Raad (WeVideo’s Chief Education Officer) to highlight some specific ideas for math as well as general ideas for any and every subject!

📐📊➗🔢 Mathematical Thinking

Place Value.png

For elementary maths, Jennifer Eggert focuses on:

💭 Getting students to share their thoughts verbally AND show their work visually.

💭 Giving opportunities to share meaningful AND authentic feedback using mathematical language.

Combing the Math Learning Center apps, WeVideo webcam recorder, and imported feature of Flipgrid, Jennifer had her students #appsmash and share their learning around place value.

Specifically, students (1) screencast and produced a video with WeVideo discussing place value. Once complete, students (2) went to Flipgrid and clicked that iconic green plus. On the recorder screen, the students (3) clicked the “Upload Video” button and shared their masterpiece. With all their creations in one Topic, the students were instructed to (4) watch their peers’ videos and provide feedback.

When using the Student to Student Replies feature in Flipgrid, Jennifer recommends giving students a prompt to help drive meaningful conversation among peers. For example, check out her “Say Something Nice, Give Some Advice” chart.

Say Something Nice, Give Some Advice via @.png

🌊 🔗💡💚 More Ideas + Resources

The possibilities are endless when creating videos to share and showcase learning. WeVideo and Flipgrid are a dynamic duo that empower our students to go beyond sharing answers with a shoulder partner and open up endless pathways for our students to share, celebrate, and showcase their incredible learning journeys…

💥 Check out this Wakelet collection of epic ideas for using Flipgrid + WeVideo.

💥 Take a deeper dive with Jennifer’s awesome ideas for math screencasting.

💥 Download this Peer Feedback Chart by @lantonha.

💥 Explore WeVideo and view the awesome tips + tricks in The Educator’s Guide to WeVideo

💥 Connect with these awesome educators who are rocking WeVideo + Flipgrid: @mrsnelsond13, @LucyConley20, @AnnaDispensa, and @ms_beckwith.

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Download all QR Codes
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Import Video without a Camera/Microphone
You can now import a video on the browser when your device’s camera/microphone are not working - thank you Kristin, Joe, and Classroom 39 for the idea!

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Jornea, Jess, and Ann are continually curating, creating, and remixing resources on the Educator Innovation Station (including age- and subject-specific Integration Docs) and beyond! Check out their latest posts…

Ann sparked a conversation around preparing your students to celebrate the selfie step while also practicing professionalism!

Turn "see you next year" into "see you on the Grid" with these ideas from Jess and friends!

Capture the shenanigans at your next field day with this #Fliphunt idea from Jornea!


We're excited to welcome Kayla - our Flipgrid Summer Experience protégé. In addition to helping check over everyone's work, she'll be taking the baton from Josh, who graduated from the University of Minnesota this past month - congratulations 🎓 Josh!

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💫 Student Voice Rockstar: Priscilla Heredia


INNOVATION in EDUCATION = 👩‍🎨Creativity, 📈Taking Risks, 💞Supporting Others, and 🥳Having Fun!

Priscilla Heredia is a dedicated Gifted Education, Technology, and STEM educator reigning from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey! She has been rockin’ out Flipgrid for over 2 years…and WE had the pleasure of rockin’ out with her school on the very first Student Voice #FlipgridBusTour. Priscilla rocked the mic and wowed us with her ZING! to kick off EdCamp Flipgrid, as she challenged educators to create, inspire, and take chances! Priscilia also partnered with Kathi Kersznowski to present the beginnings to the infamous #Fliphunt during #StuVoiceCon18! The Flipgrid Explorer Series soared around the world as Priscilla organized the global #GridPals collaboration with classes from various countries engaging in the Aquarium, Code, Fish School, and Robots Flipgrid Explorer Series. As a #StudentVoiceAmbassador and one of the first #GridGuides Priscilla has shown her care and concern about the educator community, sharing ideas and adding over 50 topics to the #FlipgridDiscoLibrary. It is evident the vast impact she is making on the world of education and we are inspired and love every impact she is making!

When Priscilla thinks of Flipgrid 💥Empowering💥 is the one word that comes to her mind. She is a true gem and empowers educators and students near and far.

#WednesdayWisdom from Priscilla

Choose Your Own Flipventure
🌍Global Goals
📚Literature Circles
📖World Read Alouds
🙇‍♀️Project Reflections

Flipgrid has given us a way to be more creative & connect with each other here at school, within our district, & the world! It led us to learn about the importance of the SDGs (Global Goals) ⚡️✨💡

Just jump in! Start with an easy fun Topic to explore & learn it together with your students. If you'd like support, reach out to me & the rest of the #FlipgridFever community, we are here for you!

Learn from Priscilla
#DiscoLibrary Topics
#GridGuide Field Notes
Twitter: @MTL_TechHeredia
Check out Priscilla’s Rockstar Video:

#GridTip Party: 🏫 School's Out for.... ☀️ Summer Learning

The following blog post is written by Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Jornea ErwinAnn Kozma, and Jess Boyce. In the #GridTip Series, Jornea, Ann, and Jess will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid. Looking for more inspiration? Check out the Educator Innovation Station for tons of new ideas!

GT Party updated logo.jpg

We know that even though final grades are submitted, learning never stops. The time students and educators spend away from school are filled with such meaningful and authentic learning opportunities! With the power and accessibility of Flipgrid, we can continue to amplify our students' voices, challenge them to share their learning, and keep them connected while away from school during summer break. 

Here are some ideas to keep your students engaged this summer!

Summer Book Clubs:  When students are sent a summer reading list, simply create a Grid and include a Topic for each book students are asked to read! (Bonus: This could be a great idea for teachers to share what they’re reading with each other as well!)

📙 Summer Reading Challenge by Candice Bagley
📘 Book Recommendations by Adam Yoder

📕 Reading Book Review by Amber Friel
📗 Six Word Summaries by Jornea Erwin

Daily Math ChallengeEncouraging students to apply their math skills in fun ways over the summer allows them to retain, improve, and grow their mathematical reasoning.

Would You Rather (money) by Kathy Saunders
Mass and Capacity at Home by Nicole Wilson

Would You Rather Math by Kristin Merrill
Math Around Me by Jornea Erwin

My Summer ExperiencesEncourage students to share their unique experiences, vacations, and fun with one another throughout the summer!

🌊 Summer Fun by Toni Roberts

My Summer Experiences by Jornea Erwin

My Hopes for Next School Year Create a Topic to allow students to reflect on their year, while sharing their hopes for the next school year.

🤔 What I wish I’d Known by Megan Ganz

💭 Dear Next Year's Teacher by Na'Shara Tyson

Who says the students should have all the fun? Below are some Disco Library Topics geared towards summer Professional Development and fun for staff! 👩‍🏫

Reflecting on Risks - by JoyAnn Boudreau
Back to School Staff #Fliphunt by Karen Cormany

Summer PD by Kim James
Summer PD Challenge Bingo by Erin Wilson

Have other ideas to engage your learners over the summer? Let us know on Twitter including the hashtag #FlipgridFever! Have a great break!

🚀 See you on the Grid!
Jornea, Jess, and Ann

PS: See below for some ideas from the #FlipgridFever community for engaging students all summer long!

#GridTip: Flipgrid Field Day #FlipHunt Experience

The following is written Educator Innovation Lead Jornea Erwin. In the #GridTip Series, Jornea, Ann, and Jess share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid. Looking for more inspiration? Check out the Educator Innovation Station!


3️⃣… 2️⃣….1️⃣Go! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️Field Days are fun days at school that students and families look forward to. The activities, bonding moments, smiles, and laughs surrounding the school creates memories and stories to last a lifetime! This school year I’ve been so inspired by #Fliphunt coined by Kathi Kersnowski and seeing all the fun and innovative #Fliphunts that teachers are creating to engage their students in learning. So, I put a new spin on this special day by incorporating Flipgrid to ignite excitement, capture memories, and reflect on highlights during Field Days! Simply create a new Field Day Grid and use these tips and ready made topics to get started!


⚡️🗣✨Ignite Excitement
Planning is a key element to a successful field day!
📍Tip 1: Setting Up the Grid
Create a topic for each event that will be held during your field day. Invite family and community volunteers who will assist for field day to introduce themselves in the Field Day Volunteer Introduction Topic. ** Remember you can always include a doc with your #Fliphunt activities or rules as a Topic Attachment.

📍Tip 2: Amplify Student Ideas
Use the Field Day: The People’s Choice Topic for students to submit their own creative games to play during Field Day! Let the students vote on their favorite student games to be added to your Field Day fun.

📍Tip 3: Discuss Citizenship
Use the Be a Sport topic to teach and discuss sportsmanship prior to Field Day.

🎥📸🤳Capture Memories
Field Day activities allow for students to have fun and excel individually and collectively as a team or class. Having a mobile “Flipgrid Station” with volunteers recording the fun at each station will provide students the opportunities to showcase their day with families and friends. Here are a couple field day activities with ready made #DiscoLibrary Topics including a Field Day #Fliphunt Topic for added fun!
🏀⏱⛹️‍♀️Minute to Win It Free Throws: Individually or with a team try to get the most free throws in 1 minute.

🎶🎈⏯Don’t Stop the Music - Water Balloon Toss: While playing fun music record how many times the class can go back and forth tossing the water balloon. Once a balloon breaks, the music stops.

🦸‍♀️⭕️🦸‍♂️Super Hero Hula: Create an obstacle course with hula hoops and pool noodles for students to balance, run, and jump from hoop to hoop to save a school mascot and bring it back home safely to base.

🌊⛱🎳Beach Ball Bowling: Get out the blow up beach balls, bottles or bowling pins, and yoga mats lining them with pool noodles to create your own bowling lanes! The team with the most pins win.

🏃‍♀️🗞🏃‍♂️”Extra! Extra! Read All About It!” Relay: Print fun messages on paper and roll them up like a newspaper to use as a baton for your relay. As students hand off their baton the next participant should read the fun message aloud before running.

😀🏆🥇Awards Ceremony: Everyone’s a winner at Field Day! Capture your awards on the Topic including quick acceptance speeches from students. This can be done on the field or with the teacher in the classroom.

Wrap up your field day experiences with this Field Day Reflections Topic to capture memories from students, volunteers, and faculty and staff.
🤩Favorite moments
😂Funniest moments
🥰Most memorable moments
🤓Lessons learned

Bring it on! Have fun and amplify student experiences at Field Day!

See you on the Grid!

💫 Student Voice Rockstar: Lanny Watkins


Educators do what they can, wherever they are to make an impact on students. Paul “Lanny” Watkins, hailing from Swansea, Wales, UK, is a passionate and active advocate for student voice. His knowledge, skills, and determination led to a movement to amplify voice in phenomenal ways in his community and beyond. An Acting Leader of Digital Learning at Ysgol Bae Baglan - a Microsoft Showcase School, Lanny attributes to his growth in Flipgrid to inspiration from another educator, Kathi Kersnowski. He has been rockin’ out Flipgrid for the past two years and has attributed to the growing number of Welsh educators in #FlipgridFever community. Lanny has obtained all Flipgrid certification levels, serves as a #GridGuide and is a Student Voice Ambassador. In January 2019, Lanny and his pal Kathi K. teamed up to present the power connecting classrooms with Flipgrid and Skype. It was an inspiring moment for all in attendance.

💥Impactful 💥 is the one word that comes to Lanny’s mind when he thinks of Flipgrid. We are in awe daily of the impact Lanny is making on the world of education and we can’t wait for more!

#WednesdayWisdom from Lanny

Discussing ethical and moral issues with technology.
🎯 To discuss planning and self evaluation.
🗣 For transition of pupil moving to our school - opportunity for them to ask pupils about the school,
✅ General assessment of learning.
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Supporting teachers across Wales getting started with Flipgrid

To hear a pupil talk to one of our schools’ senior leaders about how Flipgrid has helped her to grow in confidence and that she is no longer afraid to speak out loud is class shows how huge an impact it can have. I also get to see and hear the passion that pupils have for my subject - something that the produced work doesn't alway provide an opportunity to show. 💕

Be brave. Don't be scared about introducing Flipgrid to your pupils - they will thank you for it! The impact it will have on teaching and learning is huge! Don’t be afraid to reach out on social media and ask questions or for help - there is an amazing #FlipgridFever community out there willing to help you.

Learn from Lanny
#DiscoLibrary Topics
Twitter: @Lanny_Watkins
Check out Lanny’s Rockstar Video: