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Now it's time to dive deeper with your Level 2 certification! Here's what is required:

1. Earn your Level 1 Flipgrid Certified Educator badge (above).

2. Earn your Discovery Base Camp badge by sharing at least one Topic into Discovery Library. Once shared, copy the Topic template link (you'll need it for step 3).

3. Create a short video tutorial (2-5 minutes) demonstrating how you use Flipgrid to amplify student voice. Using a screen recorder* (check out Loom, Screencastify, or Screencast-o-matic), create a video providing a brief Flipgrid overview. Share valuable resources for the Flipgrid Educator Community, such as the Discovery Library, Help Center, and the #FlipgridFever community on Twitter. Lastly, share how you’ve used Flipgrid, talk through the impact, and reference how you used your Discovery Library Topic! 

When you’re ready, upload your tutorial to our Webinar Grid (below). Be sure to add a descriptive Title (e.g. #1stgrade, #science, or #pd) and attach your Discovery Library Topic link!


You should receive an email after submitting your video but you’ll notice the video won’t post right away. We’re moderating the Grid and will review that you’ve completed all three steps and then either launch your webinar or email feedback. We will also Feature a few webinars. If yours is Featured, you’ll win a free one-year Flipgrid Classroom subscription for you or a friend!

Once verified, your Level 2 badge will appear in your Flipgrid Educator Dashboard under Achievements. If you have any questions, give us a shout at certified@flipgrid.com

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are using the native Apple iOS screen recorder, you will need to long-press and ensure that microphone audio is turned on.