The Asynchronous Video Revolution

The following is a guest post by Matt Frattali and F. Margret Atkinson. Matt has been teaching for 20 years and is currently the middle school tech coach at Lowell School in Washington DC. He is an EdCamp Junkie, #Vedchat founder, GoogleEI, and is especially interested in PBL and Genius Hour. Margret teaches 6-8 literature in Zachary, Louisiana, and through her work with Real World Scholars's EdCorps, National History Day, and Teach Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and her students' EdCorps The Upstander Brand, she engages for student voice to affect change.

Ten years ago, Twitter ushered in a new kind of PD, allowing teachers from around the world to communicate and share for a few minutes nightly. We've seen Twitter chats become The Force that binds all teachers together. But Twitter chats aren't very personal, as it’s hard to get to know newfound friends and share big ideas in 140 characters.

Enter Flipgrid and #Vedchat. Flipgrid is a simple, smart, and powerful engine to drive deeper discussion. It makes asynchronous video accessible to everyone and provides a platform to connect teachers voices around the world. 

#Vedchat, a video extension of Twitter’s #edchat, is a weekly Q&A slow chat powered by Flipgrid.  #Vedchat has a different feel because video cultivates your PLN in a deeply personal way. The authors know this firsthand, as they met on #Vedchat :-)

But still, the asynchronous video PD revolution will be an uphill battle. Video can be a commitment: people feel they must look presentable, it takes a bit more time, and some of our educator colleagues can be camera shy. But Flipgrid is a game changer because with asynchronous video you have infinite redo’s, and you can keep recording until you look great! Besides, you're sharing with your awesome PLN who knows that your voice and ideas is what matters. That's what Flipgrid is all about.

It gets better. Asynchronous video is a stepping stone to synchronous video (like Skype), which in turn is a stepping stone to video production and citizen journalism. Yes, in helping individuals find their voice, Flipgrid is promoting democracy.

Flipgrid is the hottest app in edtech right now. The #FlipgridFever Twitter chat on Monday was bonkers; many remarked how they’ve never seen tweets roll by so fast. Flipgrid is a classroom tool that can amplify student voice like none other in recent memory.  

Please join our PLN this week at as we talk with fellow Flipgrid Ambassador Dan Ryder and Amy Burvall about their new book Intention: Critical Creativity in the Classroom.