Use Story: Flipgrid and Black History Month


Andy Plemmons' 2nd graders in the Barrow Media Center in Athens, GA, used Flipgrid to deliver persuasive speeches for their thoughts on leaders from Black History Month.

Andy shared, "Our 2nd graders just wrapped up a huge research project.  During the project, they chose a leader from black history, researched that person, wrote a short persuasive piece about their person, designed a US postage stamp, and recorded a video using Flipgrid.  Their videos were pulled together on a Smore which included a Google Form for people to vote on their favorite leader from black history to be featured on a postage stamp."

2nd grader using Flipgrid to reflect on Black History Month

You can read more about the project in Andy's posts below:

What a wonderful project and use of Flipgrid, Andy! We are honored to see your students reflections on this beautiful project.