End the Semester with Flipgrid Fun ❄️💃👨‍🏫💕

The following post is written by Educator Innovation Lead Jornea Erwin. In the #GridTip Series, Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Ann, Jess, and Jornea will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid.


We had fun learning, met goals, and grew too, since a break is near what more can we do? 🤔

🤗Educators are championing #StudentVoice all over the world. Whether you are gearing up for winter or enjoying a midsummer’s day, the end of the year is the perfect time to engage your community with Flipgrid, creating experiences and memories that will last a lifetime! The beauty of Flipgrid comes from the experiences you craft for your learners, promoting the ✨M✨A✨G✨I✨C✨ of learning, which is always R.A.D.I.C.A.L.! Here are a few ways to have some fun with Flipgrid before, during, and after your break, inspired by educators around the world!

Flipgrid for REFLECTION
Creating moments for self-reflection helps students make it a common practice, infusing critical thinking skills and fostering a growth mindset.

Quarter 1 Reflections by Sarah Foster
Flipgrid Fridays by Trisha McLean
Goal Setting + Reflection by Bryan Dulmage

🙌Tip: Have students watch a past video they have created. Have them reflect on their knowledge and skills then vs. now. Use Replies for students to share a message with their “former selves” (previous Flipgrid video).


Using Flipgrid to Show APPRECIATION
A person who is appreciated will always do more than expected! Continue creating a positive culture in your school by showing appreciation. Take a moment to thank a room parent, school staff member, other educators, students, families, community members, district board members and school leaders for what they do on a daily basis to create the conditions for excellent learning in your school.

Author Visit Thank You by Sara Kash
Inservice Thank You by Laura Ebersole
Staff Appreciation by Heather Renshaw

🙌Tip: Blend student creativity and artwork with a heartfelt message by allowing students to create a greeting or holiday card for someone they wish to thank and also have the students share a special video message on Flipgrid. In your Educator Admin Dashboard, click the share button to obtain a specific QR code for your student video. Print out the QR Code to add to their greeting card for a special surprise! This idea is sure to put smiles on a lot of faces!


Engage with Flipgrid to “spark” a DESIRE for continued learning
Recognizing, honoring, and giving feedback to student voice empowers students to continuously learn. When students share an idea that generates wonder, excitement or awe, let them lead the conversation by sparking their response into a Topic of their own!

Genius Hour Project Pitch by Pricillia Heredia
Discussion Sparks by Stephanie Deskin
Teach the Teacher by Stacy Weber

🙌Tip: Ready to start sparking? Just look for the “Spark” fire symbol next to your student video or under Actions - Spark a Response! Your students, as the expert, will be more invested, leading to increased social learning in your class!


Topics that inspire students to share INSPIRATION with others
The expert in anything was once a beginner and inspiration can come from anywhere! Check out the Flipgrid Explorer Series for a fun way for students to be inspired by experts sharing their passions. Encourage students to also share their passion and knowledge to inspire others.

Coding Series: What is Coding?
Aquarium Series: Design Your Aquarium
MatheMagic Series: We’re Mathematicians

🙌Tip: Appsmashing is a great way to empower students to use mixed media to communicate ideas. You could set up a Grid for student podcast stations like Andrew Fenstermaker. Or add visuals to voice by screencasting! Check out this awesome #GridTip by Educator Innovation Lead Jess Boyce showcasing how to appsmash Screencastify with Flipgrid.


Showcase students’ and their achievements with a CELEBRATION!
Recognizing student success and celebrating school accomplishments helps to create a positive culture for your learning community.

MixTapes are the perfect way to celebrate an amazing semester of learning. They’re view-only and super shareable. Just choose the best Flipgrid video from each student and share with their family!

Additionally, you can create a new Topic for your students to celebrate their achievements.

Let’s Celebrate Success by Angie Koser
Celebrate and Remember by Karalee Nakatsuka
Warm Fuzzies by Heather Anderson

🙌Tip: If you’re setting up a new Topic, 🎟Guest Mode provides a super easy way to invite families to witness your students’ greatness. With your power to control access, you can select to have guests leave positive messages and words of affirmation for your students!


Take a moment for your community to have fun and look into the future with ANTICIPATION!
When there is joy in learning environments, everyone involved is more committed to the process.
A Flipgrid Topic can be ANYTHING, a game, a message to Santa, 12 days of Flipgrid for families to participate in fun activities, Sing-A-Songs, dance moves, snow day fun and more! So have some FUN in your classrooms and beyond by creating Topics all will enjoy! With holidays approaching you can also tailor your Topics to the season.

Flipgrid Fever the Game by Donna Schies
Family Caroling by Amanda Gilchrist
Holiday MadLibs by Amanda Funk
Holiday Wishes by Vannessa Fowler
Holiday Music by Teresa Ducassoux

Here are a few other topics I created for some holiday/ winter break fun:

🙌Tip: 📼Create a MixTape of your responses collected to share with your learning community! Have fun highlighting favorite memories from the semesters, blooper MixTapes are fun too!


Build global empathy and spread kindness with words & actions filled with LOVE
Cultural, global awareness, and inclusive communities encourage students to seek ways to create impact for others. At Flipgrid, we believe together we can create global empathy!
Check out ways amazing educators are spreading kindness, togetherness, love, and fun while building global empathy and join in the fun!

🌎 Bronwyn Joyce - Our Global Classroom
Our Global Classroom Advent Calendar
✈️ Bonnie McClelland - Inspiration of GridPals
💕 Brian Romero Smith - The Captain Kindness Challenge
🎙Claudio Zavala Jr. - Sing-A-Song

🙌Tip: If you wish to partner with another educator for a collaborative grid, then add them as a CoPilot to your grid! 👩‍✈️👨‍✈️

Enjoy every moment wrapping the gift of learning with your students before the break and let’s make learning R.A.D.I.C.A.L!

See you on the grid,

#GridTip Party: Rocking MixTapes

The following blog post is written by Educator Innovation Leads Jornea Erwin, Ann Kozma, and Jess Boyce. In the #GridTip Series, Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Jornea, Ann, and Jess will share tips and tricks to help you explore ideas and possibilities with Flipgrid. Looking for more inspiration? Sign up for one of the Engage & Amplify: Flipgrid 101 Webinars!


Pssst… we made you a MixTape! 

If you are wondering what a MixTape is: back in the day friends made MixTapes for each other as a way to share their favorite songs on a cassette tape! Whether it was a Birthday Mix or a Love Song Mix, or the Summer of ‘88 Mix, making a MixTape for someone meant something special. You wanted to share the very best! 

⏩Fast forward to today, and the announcement of Flipgrid MixTapes! Now you can create a custom mix of epic Flipgrid Responses from across your Grids, allowing you to share your students’ magic...no cassette tapes needed! 

MixTapes can be a compilation of whatever you want! Maybe you want to highlight your class’s best learning accomplishments over the semester. Or maybe you want to create individual student portfolios. Or showcase the winning auditions for the school play. You get to pick what goes on your MixTape, allowing you to share, celebrate, and showcase Responses in a totally righteous, tubular, major, gnarly way! 

🎧 How to Create MixTapes

  1. In your Flipgrid Educator Admin, click on MixTapes and create a new MixTape. Name your MixTape, add a Code (notice you have a + sign at the beginning, otherwise it’s the exact same as a Flip Code) and add your Description. Add an optional password if you wish, then hit Create. You’re now ready to add Responses to your MixTape!

  2. When viewing a Response from your Educator Admin, you will see a super rad 80s inspired cassette icon. Click it to add that response to your MixTape.  You can add as many videos as you want from any Grid you own or CoPilot. And you can arrange the videos in any order you’d like to create your own custom blend of awesome.

  3. Sharing your MixTape with someone special is part of the magic. Simply share your MixTape Flip Code and your custom mix is ready to go! Your audience will be able to easily view your MixTape (with videos in the order you chose). We even added credits to showcase the stars of your MixTape, as well as you, the director!

▶️ Ready to hit Play? 

Now that you know what Flipgrid MixTapes are, here are a few awesome ideas from some of our Student Voice Ambassadors.  

💡Student Voice Ambassador Amy Storer suggests using MixTapes as a yearbook or student portfolio to showcase and share favorite memories from the school year. 

💡Student Voice Ambassador Priscilla Heredia is planning on using MixTapes to transform her "Keep the Quote” classroom activity. Each week, Priscilla posts a motivational quote on a special roll of chart paper. A student who personifies the quote gets to keep it at the end of the week. But now, with MixTapes, the plan is to have students submit their own quotes, app-smash them into GIFs or videos and nominate peers who are deserving and get to cut the chart paper to “Keep the Quote” that week. The student who submits the quote will get to present it to the winner and the recording will be added to the Flipgrid MixTape...sort of like a Motivational Quote Hall of Fame. 

💡Student Voice Ambassador Jennifer Saarinen looks forward to collaborating with students as they become the MixTape DJ. The DJ will get to select videos based on a particular, purpose, skill, or outcome. Her plan is to put the power of creating the MixTape in to the students’ hands as she works to create a learner-centered environment. 

💡Student Voice Ambassador Claudio Zavala is going to rock a MixTape of a play or screenplay. Students will record individual parts in a Grid, then Claudio will put them together by scene in a MixTape, just imagine... a Romeo & Juliet MixTape. He also created the very first MixTape for his amazing #SingaSong Grid!

💡Student Voice Ambassador Karly Moura suggests using MixTapes like a highlight reel celebrating the learning that happens over the course of a semester. 

Follow a MixTape

MixTapes are a magical way to share epic moments and showcase student voice. But, how do you ensure that your students, families, and friends never miss a mic-drop moment? Now your community can stay up-to-date when new videos are added by Following your MixTapes. When viewing a MixTape, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to Follow. Enter your email address and choose a daily or weekly email notification.

The possibilities with MixTapes are endless. From portfolios, to celebrations, to mic-drop moments, we hope you enjoy this new feature as another awesome way to amplify student voice. 

Ready to rock? 🎶 Let’s mix it up! 👩‍🎤👨‍🎤 

See you on the Grid! 🚀