Congratulations National Speaking Week Winners

Flipgrid was thrilled to sponsor this year’s National Speaking Week, May 9-16, 2016! We’d like to congratulate the exceptional teachers who had award-winning lesson plans and won a free 1-year subscription of Flipgrid:

  • Terri from Colorado, who generates creative oratory expression through art with her elementary students.
  • Theresa from California, who emphasizes the importance of eye contact with her fifth-grade students.
  • Dave, a high school history teacher, who hosts rapid debate within the classroom based on assigned course content.
  • Scott from California, who had his students create first-person reports from the Vietnam War.
  • Sandy from Minnesota, who promotes collaboration and community in the classroom by encouraging constructive peer-to-peer critique with her middle school students.

You can read more about these award-winning teachers on the National Speaking Week website. Promote the student voice in your classroom and make every week “speaking week” with Flipgrid!