Introducing the All-New Flipgrid

Editor's Note: As of June 18, 2018, all of Flipgrid (formally our premium "Flipgrid Classroom") is free! Check out the details over here!

Offering both educators and students a refreshed interface, slew of new features, and overall upgraded experience, the all-new Flipgrid is more powerful than ever and still innately simple. Learn how in the video below.

Unlimited Responses. Unlimited Topics. Unlimited Grids.

With Flipgrid 4.0 we've made our simple educator pricing even better. For $65 a year, teachers can now create as many grids and topics as they'd like, share with whoever they want, and collect an unlimited number of responses.

Take student conversation to the next level, literally.

We've heard it a lot: our users want to allow the members of their community to respond directly to each other’s responses. Now they can. Educators can enhance their active, social classroom by allowing students to build on other’s ideas or challenge a peer’s logic, provide direct feedback, or answer questions.

Say “cheese,” then say some more.

Flipgrid has been completely redesigned to make genuine discussion easier and more intuitive. Videos are higher quality, load faster, and can be viewed from any device.

More customization and more integration.

The refreshed admin dashboard lets you personalize grids with custom banners, toggle settings - including likes - on or off, and share or embed Flipgrid wherever you’d like.

Join the conversation, anywhere.

With a social-media-feel, the new Flipgrid Android and iOS apps are modeled on student’s familiarity with the apps they already use. They remain intuitive, discussion-focused, and free with an updated look and feel. Using your unique grid code, students can easily join the conversation from their mobile or tablet device.

Get on the grid.

Start your Flipgrid experience today with a free trial. Already a Flipgrid admin? All existing accounts have been automatically upgraded for free. Log in to start exploring!

Jayme Jenkins Applauds the Power of Video

In reading her article, “4 Reasons Why Video Is One Of The Most Powerful Training Trends for 2016,” Jayme Jenkins outlines why video is an incredibly powerful training tool. She highlights:

  1. Video boosts the effectiveness of employee training.
  2. Video provides consistent training.
  3. Video facilitates on-demand training.
  4. Video enables microlearning.

These become increasingly pertinent as “Millennials, who will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025, have an average attention span of only 90 seconds. And while shorter attention spans pose real problems for conventional training methods, video enables organizations to exploit short attention spans via a new and powerful way of teaching known as microlearning.”

Not only does her emphasis on "millennials" and  "90 seconds" fit perfectly with Flipgrid (i.e. our advocacy for #studentvoice and 90-second-time-limit), our users can reap all the benefits Jenkins lists. Thus, we present, 4 Reasons Why Flipgrid Is One Of The Most Powerful Training Tools in 2016.

  1. Create a more engaging and active learning environment on Flipgrid.
  2. Give every participant an equal voice and access to everyone's questions, answers, and comments.
  3. Allow users to participating in the discussion at their convenience, regardless of time-zone or schedule.
  4. Effectively engaging users with important information in brief stints.

Whether in a university economics class, a high school history course, or a company training program, Flipgrid's simple, quick, video discussion medium helps connect learners with material in an interactive, immersive format!