Harvard Professor Emphasizes the Importance of Identifying Misconceptions

NPR reporter Anya Kamenetz interviewed Harvard's Director of the Science Education Department and professor, Dr. Philip Sadler, in her piece, "The Importance Of Getting Things Wrong." In the article, Dr. Sadler emphasizes the value of having students think out loud to identify their misconceptions.

Dr. Sadler praises Socratic teaching by "asking questions and having students think out loud." Crucial in all fields and especially applicable in STEAM, he conveys "if you don't understand the flaws in students' reasoning, you're not going to be able to dislodge their misconceptions and replace them with the correct concepts."

Many educators have shared they use Flipgrid for this exact purpose. One recent example is Dr. Ramesh Laungani, professor of Biology at Doane University. In his Flipgrid story, Dr. Laungani explains how Flipgrid enables him to challenge his students and analyze their learning. He notes that Flipgrid, "not only helped my students learn to clearly and concisely articulate ideas and questions that they had, but it also allowed me to identify any misconceptions."

Just as Dr. Laungani does, Dr. Sadler posits that great educators hone in on flawed reasoning and "give students exposure to the information and experience that will enable them to reason their way to the right answer." We love our innovative community of educators who do just this and use Flipgrid to amplify student voice, identify misconceptions, and empower students with enriched learning.

U of A Students Review Flipgrid for Honors Showcase

University of Arizona Eller College students Grant Williams, Jessica Stelmach, Lucas Laughlin, Cannon Winkler, and Justin Stalberg, reviewed Flipgrid for their Management Information Systems (MIS) 111 Honors class. The team was assigned to look “closely at instructional technology using their insight to help improve the learning that occurs in the classroom … [and] propose how cutting-edge apps and other web-based resources can be used in a variety of classes in colleges across campus.”

In their report, the group revered that “Flipgrid’s ease of use is one of the qualities that make it such a brilliant software for discussions,” and, moreover, “video discussions are a step above written discussions and they enable more thoughtful, personal responses. The campus as a whole would benefit from a more connected and involved student body that Flipgrid can create within a class."

Read the team's report and watch their video overview here.

Wonderful work Grant, Jessica, Lucas, Cannon, and Justin, thank you!