Ross MBA Open Road Destination

During the last week of May, we welcomed a team of four Michigan Ross MBA students as part of their MBAs Across America Open Road venture. Team "SASA," Sanmeet, Anita, Sarah, and Alex, joined our summer intern, Adam, an Industrial Design student of Iowa State University, in examining Flipgrid and devising marketing strategies for future growth. We were excited to learn from the quartet, especially with their diverse experience in areas including merchandising, logistics operations, human resource consulting, investment banking, sales and marketing, and campaigning.

The crew offered great insights and presented our team with a nice overview of their findings at the end of the week. You can read more about their work with us in their blog, "We Experienced the Thriving Midwestern Tech Hub in Downtown Minneapolis."

Thank you for joining the Flipgrid family, Anita, Sarah, Sanmeet, and Alex.  We hope youโ€™re enjoying your summer internships!