Jon Bergmann Proposes Scaling Flipped Learning

In his two-part report on scaling Flipped Learning, Jon Bergman, educator, bestselling author, and advocate for the Flipped Class Movement, presents his findings on implementing technology in flipping the classroom and why doing so is important for educating today's students.

One important element he identifies is establishing an advanced yet simple technological foundation. “Technology infrastructure matters,” Bergman emphasizes; he elaborates, "if there is inadequate technology, flipped learning is difficult to implement.”

Flipgrid plays an important role in flipped classrooms all over the world, encouraging active engagement and discussion among students outside of classroom hours for face-to-face, hybrid, and online programs. And we built it to be incredibly simple and user-friendly for teachers and students alike.

We love helping educators facilitate peer-to-peer learning with their students and totally agree with Bergman's view that “ultimately, the goal of flipped learning is for teachers to create active places of learning.”