John McCarthy Celebrates #StudentVoice

John McCarthy is an Education Consultant and Advocate for Student Voice in Learning (one of our favorite job titles). In his Edutopia piece, “Establishing a Culture of Student Voice,” McCarthy offers reasons for and ideas on promoting student voice in the classroom.

McCarthy urges that educators “coach and provide opportunities for students to reflect and give feedback about curriculum, classroom culture, and classroom systems.” Giving students “airtime,” as McCarthy coins, is an important factor in having students take pride in what and how they’re learning. Flipgrid strives to do just this: provide students around the world with, quite literally, “airtime” in front of their peers and educators.

McCarthy concludes with, "Teachers who co-create a culture of student voice are setting the foundation for students owning their own learning." We love our awesome community of educators, who use Flipgrid to enhance the classroom and empower their students!