👨‍🏫 #GridTip: State of the Classroom

The following post is written by Flipgrid Head of Educator Innovation Jornea Armant Erwin. In this series (see the full collection here) Jornea will share a unique #GridTip to help you make the most of your Flipgrid subscription!


Family involvement is an important factor in student success. Parents love hearing about the exciting happenings in school and the progress their child is making. Unfortunately, many times, when asked what they learned at school, students reply with very few details, or say they learned nothing at all!

Flipgrid Ambassador Joe Marquez has found the perfect solution. Joe created a "State of the Classroom" Grid in which he provides a weekly recap of his students' learning and shares excitement for the week to come. By being proactive, families are fully informed and can have a deeper conversation when discussing school with their child.

Setting up your "State of the Classroom" grid is a breeze.

1.  Create your Grid: "State of the Classroom"

2. Create Topics for your families (the links below take you to Grid-ready Discovery Library Topics):

3.  Record a video at the end of the week as a response to your "State of the Classroom Address" Topic. BONUS: Want to take it a step further? Choose a student (or several) to serve as the class representative! Empower them to plan and record the weekly parent update. 

4.  Share with parents, and encourage them to Follow the Grid (there is a button in the upper-right corner of the Grid), so they'll be notified via email when new videos are added.

5. Watch family engagement soar! 

Give me a shout if you have any questions or want to explore this idea further!

See you on the Grid!