Express Yourself with the Flipgrid Sketchnote Challenge! πŸ“


A couple of weeks ago a teacher named Julie Newton tweeted out a sketchnote filled with Flipgrid guidance for her learners. Her post has since been retweeted over 400 times! It is simply incredible the way educators leverage the power of social media to build each other up and share resources. We were inspired by Julie's example and took note.πŸ’‘

Introducing... the Flipgrid Sketchnote Challenge πŸ“

  1. Between January 8th and 18th, share your best sketchnote of Flipgrid tips, tricks, use ideas, or impacts.
  2. Share your creation on Twitter using the hashtags #Sketchnotes and #FlipgridFever
  3. On January 19th, Flipgrid Ambassadors Karly Moura and Claudio Zavala will choose the best: three winners will receive a free Flipgrid hoodie!

Feel free to create and post as many as you'd like! We are excited to see what you come up with! Can't draw? Who cares! Sketchnotes will be judged on creativity and content, not artistic skill. Just do your thing and help out your peers in the Flipgrid educator community!