Flipgrid Explorer Series: Sharks 🦈

Note: the Sharks Explorer Series has ended! Fear not though: we’re working on more opportunities for your students to connect with Flipgrid Explorers. Find out more over here!


We're excited to kick-off the 2018 Explorer Series by diving in with the sharks!

During this two-week Explorer Series, Jonathan Davis (meet Jonathan below) will take your class on a swim and discuss his awesome research and day-to-day life, how his childhood passion led him to where he is today, the importance of studying sharks, and more!

Along the way, Jonathan will encourage your students to share what they know about sharks, implore them to conduct some research of their own, and challenge him with any questions they might have! To accompany the Series, our Head of Educator Innovation Jornea Erwin and Flipgrid Ambassador Jen Giffen created this amazing HyperDoc for you to share with your students!

Starting on February 12, 2018, join Jonathan for daily videos and weekly discussion prompts for your students:

  • Pre-Series: Dive In (LIVE NOW!): What's the coolest things about sharks?

  • Swimming with Sharks, February 12-23: In this Topic, Jonathan will share daily videos about his research and what it means to be a shark scientist!

  • Week 1 Discussion Prompt: Misconceptions, February 12-17: What’s something interesting about sharks that most people don’t know?

  • Week 2 Discussion Prompt: Scientists, February 18-23: Why are scientists important?

  • Questions for Jonathan, February 12-23: Share your questions for Jonathan; he'll answer as many as he can!

  • Reflection, February 22-23: What’s something you learned?

If you haven’t participated in a Flipgrid Explorer Series, we’d love to have you join us. To get an idea of what it's like, check out Beth Mistretta's experience along with our previous Explorer Series Grids: Antarctica, Raptors, Fossils, BrainsNature, and Code.

Meet Jonathan Davis!

Jonathan was born and raised near the coastal marshes and bayous of southeast Texas where his passion for the water and all things living in it thrived. He received his BSc in Marine Biology from the University of Texas and his MSc in Marine Science from the University of Auckland, New Zealand where his studies focused on sharks and their relatives. He has studied sharks all over the world including the Florida Keys, the entire northeastern US, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Louisiana and now in Texas!