Savvy Field Trips 🚌

The following is written by Flipgrid Head of Educator Innovation Jornea Armant Erwin. In this series Jornea will reflect on field trip experiences to amazing schools in the Flipgrid community!


📣 "It's time for a field trip!"  Those words are music to a student's ears.  Field trips are always and fun and engaging experience for students to connect and expand what they are learning in the classroom with other environments. They present so many amazing advantages to students, including a deeper understanding of content, seeing the application of learning, and sparking new ideas.  

As an educator, I know great learning experiences happen every day in classrooms around our world. So, I have set out to capture some of these best practices in action! It is my hope that these experiences will become shared experiences with you, and that we at Flipgrid can learn from the amazing things you are doing with your students every day. 

I've put together a recap of each of my field trips, complete with lesson ideas, Discovery Library Topics, and best practices I picked up on each of my visits. Bookmark this post - I'll update it regularly!

🚌Westwood Intermediate School - Tyler Nelson, Associate Principal & Leah Becklund, 4th grade Teacher (Blaine, MN)
🚌Tyrone Middle School - Jessie Boyce, 6th grade Math Teacher (St. Petersburg, FL)
🚌Grandview Preparatory School - Tanya Avrith, Director of Educational Technology & Innovation Teacher (Boca Raton, FL)
🚌Lake Park Elementary - Kristin Merrill, 4th Grade Teacher & Joe Merrill, 1st Grade Teacher  (Naples, FL)