Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Andy Plemmons

Andy Plemmons, a School Library Media Specialist, has been rockin' out Flipgrid since the very beginning! He is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Flipgrid Ambassador.  To Andy, Flipgrid is simply “empowering”. 


#WednesdayWisdom about Flipgrid from Andy Plemmons

In the Barrow Peace Prize, our 2nd graders share persuasive essays about important people from history and ask the world to vote on the winner. We love creating book talks, especial 30-second ones. Also, our 5th graders wrote letters about important issues in the world, and asked other students to add their voices to amplify the messages of peace, caring for our earth, human rights, and more. We love using Flipgrid in creative ways and sharing our voices beyond our walls.

Flipgrid has helped us learn so much about one another as a school community but has also given our students a global audience for their projects. We love when other schools are inspired by our topics and add their voices alongside ours.

Flipgrid is such a versatile tool. I'm constantly thinking of new ways to use it and learning great ideas from others. Don't be afraid to give it a try for your very basic needs in the classroom to hear from your students, but also push yourself to try Flipgrid in new and creative ways too. It's a tool full of opportunities for collaboration with classes around the world.

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