#GridTip: End of Year Engagement

The following is written by Flipgrid Head of Educator Innovation Jornea Armant Erwin. In this series (see her full #GridTip Digest here) Jornea shares a unique #GridTip to help you make the most of Flipgrid!

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The end of the school year is near, symbolizing another year of growth for your students. Many educators are starting to engage their students in reflection on their learning and growth. Good news - you can supercharge these experiences with Flipgrid! Here are 12 engaging ideas to inspire learning, reflection, and celebration for the final weeks of school. And I've added in Discovery Library Topics that you can add to your Grids today!

3️⃣2️⃣1️⃣Countdown Challenge - For the last 26 days of school, challenge your students to share something special or something they learned that starts with the letter of the day for the Ultimate ABC Countdown Challenge. For those with less than 26 days left, double or triple the letters. You'll be amazed at the ideas sparked as students think critically and creatively, tying learning to a specific letter!
🔍💡End of Year ABC Countdown Challenge

🗣💫 Learning Loves Community - Encourage your students to share their passions by teaching the class something new. Maybe they want to share a scientific inquiry, how to make jewelry, coding tips, strategies for drawing, or teach the latest dance moves. As students create their instructional videos, watch the community build as students continue to learn more about each other and experience new learning from their peers.  
🔍💡Time to Shine - Student How To Videos

🌎💚Go Global with #GridPals - Use the remaining days of the school year to leap outside of the box and connect students Globally with #GridPals. Share your best moments of the 2017-2018 school year and hopes for the upcoming year with your #GridPals.
🔍💡#GridPals Year in Review

🤔❤️📝Reflection is the Heart of Learning -  Learning is a journey. Every student can learn, it may not have happened on the same day or in the same way, but it is important to reflect on the process. Encourage students to reflect on a challenge that eventually turned into a success. Ask them to explore the internal and external factors that helped them succeed. Allow students to share advice to others based on their experience.
🔍💡My Learning Rollercoaster

💯💭Memories Last a Lifetime -  Top 10 lists are always fun, so have fun as students create their own Top 10 Memories of ______ grade!  For younger students or for support in general, generate a list of memories as a class.  This will help some to spark ideas of what had the greatest impact on their year.
🔍💡Top 10 Memories

🖼🎨Best Work Gallery- As students spend time gathering a collection of their best work throughout the year, ask them to record why they believe the work was their best. It can be a collection of student projects, report cards, tests, class work, recognitions - whatever they want. Their video becomes an instant video portfolio of highlights from the year!  
🔍💡Best Work Gallery

📖My ____ Grade Story - Choosing a favorite book or story read in the year, allow students to find vivid words and phrases (or simply use the elements of the plot) to re-create a story depicting their year. Students can record in Flipgrid or appsmash with another storytelling app before uploading their video.
🔍💡My ___ Grade Story

👋A Message to an Incoming Student - Encourage students to inspire next year's group of students by sharing what they loved about that grade, what the new students should expect, and advice for a successful year.  
🔍💡Message to an Incoming Student

💕🤝Host a Kindness Challenge - Create a kindness challenge each day until the end of the school year. Encourage students to be intentionally kind to others while allowing them to share how they met the challenge. Also, when they see others showing kindness, add a compliment for that student as a response to the Kindness Challenge! It's a win-win for everyone!  
🔍💡End of Year Kindness Challenge

🏆Twist on Awards Day - Roll out the Red Carpet with this idea! Have students reflect on the school year happenings including Field Trips, special classes, guest speakers, school events, projects etc. by listing the happenings from throughout the year. Create a survey for students to choose which would receive the award for the “best.” Through student selection or random generator, students will collaboratively create acceptance speeches for the winners in each category and record them via Flipgrid.
🔍💡Twist on Awards Day

🎤End of School Year Interview - Students pair up to interview each other about their "favorites."  Students will have a blast taking a walk down memory lane sharing smiles as they reflect.  Appsmash idea - use DoInk Green Screen Animation to make it look as if the students are on a nightly news or late night talk show set.
🔍💡End of School Year Interview

Celebrate Others (ideas for implementation)
Field Day Activities - collect fun video footage of your Field Day experiences and follies!
Classroom Awards - record your classroom award celebrations for students to remember their special day and for families to relive the moments.

May 8th - National Teacher's Day, typically the week is also Teacher Appreciation Week - students can send a special message thanking their favorite teachers present and past!

May 13th - Mother’s Day  & June 17th - Father’s Day - create a heartfelt video message for mothers, fathers and parental figures - generate a private link and grab the QR code to keep the messages personal and to add to other gifts students may create.

I hope you have an enjoyable end of school year with your students & I appreciate all of the dedication you put in to making education a great experience for them!

See you on the grid!