Poetry Month: Blackout Poetry

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Students at Barrow Media Center use Flipgrid to record their Blackout Poetry for Poetry Month.

Students at Barrow Media Center (@barrowmc) have been recording themselves reciting the Blackout Poetry they have created this month. Blackout poetry starts by finding text that is already published by someone else, then putting boxes around the words you want to use in your poem and blacking out everything else.

In Andy Plemmons' (@plemmonsa) blog post, he comments on the student process. He shares that one particular student, "put boxes around words that he thought he might use.  He tried to find words that seemed to go together.  We noticed that there were times where he was sitting and thinking without marking anything on the page.  We also noticed that he blacked out some of the words that he originally thought he would use." A wonderful way to encourage student creativity - great work, Andy!

To read Andy's full blog post, click here.