Partnership: EMC 'Expand' Press Release


Our exclusive Flipgrid education partner and distributor for K-12, for-profit community college, and religious institutions unveils the "Expand" Layer of the EMC Languages Online Learning Environment.

EMC Publishing, a division of New Mountain Learning, today introduced the second layer of EMC Languages, an online environment for teaching and learning world languages in K-12 classrooms. Called "Expand," the layer provides students with a way to immerse themselves in the language and culture beyond the everyday classroom situations. It empowers students to build upon what they've already learned in the initial "Discoverphase of the environment.

The EMC Languages learning environment has three layers that work in tandem. Students "Discover" languages and cultures, "Expand" their knowledge beyond the textbook and written test, and "Perform" what they've learned to achieve proficiency.

The "Expand" layer gives students control over how they want to interact with the target language -- encouraging exploration and providing for differentiated learning. At the same time it easily enables educators to bolster students' success. It goes beyond grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure to deeply immerse students in engaging projects. Flipgrid™, a video-based discussion platform, helps power "Expand" -- encouraging students to discuss and reflect upon relevant topics and respond to questions posed by their educator.

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